Workplace Wellbeing Audit Questionnaire

Our FREE Workplace Wellbeing Audit is a short questionnaire that provides a valuable insight into the health and wellbeing of your organisation.

Our Wellbeing Audit takes less than 10 minutes to fill out!  Once completed, you will receive a results email which shows an estimation of your organisation’s health.  It will also reveal how much value your organisation could gain by implementing health and wellbeing initiatives that will improve your employees health and wellbeing.

Our Account Managers will ensure that your Wellbeing Audit questionnaire results are interpreted and communicated to you simply and clearly. They can then guide you with the next steps on how to create a cost effective and efficient wellbeing strategy.

STEP 1: Organisation Profile

Help us learn a little bit more about your organisation.

Organisation Name:*

Name of Wellbeing Lead:*

Email Address:*

Telephone Number:*

Your Industry:*
What is your core product or service?

STEP 2: How much could you save?

Learn the financial impact of improving your wellbeing

What is the size of your current workforce?

0 to 25 employees25 to 50 employees50 to 100 employees100 to 250 employees250 to 500 employees500 to 1000 employeesover 1000 employees

On average, how many days of sickness absence do your employees take per year?

1 day per year2 or 3 days per year4 or 5 days per year6 or 7 days per year8 or 9 days per year10 or more days per year

On average, how much do your employees earn each year?

under £20,000£20,000 to £35,000£35,000 to £50,000£50,000 to £65,000£65,000 to £80,000over £80,000

STEP 3: Engage in Wellbeing

Are your team bought into your vision?

Does your organisation have a clearly defined mission or vision?
If yes, what is it?

Does your organisation have a documented induction or onboarding process?
How often do team members have reviews or catch up meetings?
Does your organisation provide regular workshops or 'lunch and learns' for your teams?
In the last 2 years, how many team away days or social events have been organised where your organisation's vision was mentioned?

STEP 4: Educate Individuals

Is your team taking responsibility for thier actions?

Do the majority of team members take lunch away from thier workstations?
Do the majority of team members sit for longer than 1 hour without a standing break?
Does your organisation have a qualified mental health first aider?
Does your organisation provide an employee assistance programme (EAP) for team members?
Does your work environment have break out spaces for your team to eat lunch together?
Do you offer performance coaching for employees?
Do the majority of team members arrive on time or early for work?
Does your organisation have an active walking, running, sports or activity club?
Does your organisation encourage walking or standing meetings?

STEP 5: Empower Your Team

Does your organisation's values match behaviours?

Does your organisation have internal wellbeing champions?
Does your organisation complete workstation assessments with all team members?
Does your organisation provide free water (excluding tap water) or herbal teas for your employees?
Does your organisation provide free fruit or healthy snacks for your employees?
Does your organisation offer flexible working hours?
Does your organisation provide health care benefits for team members?
Does your organisation have showers?
Does your organisation have a dedicated exercise area?
Does your organisation offer a cycle to work scheme or something similar to encourage active commuting?

Once you have completed your audit, an email will be sent to you with your organisations score and one of our friendly account managers will call you. In the meantime, if you have any queries please contact us on 01622 834834 or email

By contacting us via this form or via email, you give us consent to use your data to reply to your query. We will not share your personal data with any Third-Party organisations. To know more about how what data we keep and how we use it, please read our Terms and Conditions page.

Why take our online wellbeing audit?

Our FREE online wellbeing audit is the first step for organisations to understand where they are at in terms of the health and wellbeing of their workforce.  By completing and submitting our wellbeing audit, it gives Wellbeing People an insight into the health of your company.  In simple terms, Wellbeing People will evaluate your wellbeing audit and then work with you to implement a cost effective and efficient wellbeing strategy.

Wellbeing People’s online wellbeing audit is for businesses and organisations of any size.  It helps us to understand the financial impact* that an unproductive workforce can have on your company.  Our audit will clarify your areas of strengths and weakness enabling us to build a sustainable wellbeing programme for your employees and your people.

Where wellbeing is at the very centre of an organisation’s culture, undoubtedly makes for a more productive workforce that not only feels empowered but valued. An organisation that makes wellbeing a high priority will retain and attract staff that are committed and willing, and will be an accomplished employer of choice.

Our Wellbeing Audit is the very beginning of your wellbeing journey. It is where small changes can create the biggest wins. Together we will help you to create a strong, healthy and productive workforce by developing an approach to workplace wellbeing that really works.

*Calculations generated from: Occupational Medicine 58: 522-524, Well-being – absenteeism, presenteeism, costs and challenges. Using your submitted organisation pay, days off and size details.