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  • Winter Immunity Webinar

Discover seasonal habits that boost immunity and mood whilst preventing burnout!

Empower individuals to take a pro-active approach to immunity by sharing eye-opening research and actionable lifestyle habits that can be implemented straight away.

What will this webinar cover?
  • Why winter can cause such physiological and mental unrest
  • Nutrition upgrades for winter & latest research on Vitamin D & Omega 3
  • Easy to implement outdoor movement & exercise habits that improve lymphatic drainage and boost immunity
  • Sleep habit hacks & the importance of light exposure for mood and mental fitness
  • The Optimal Wellbeing Winter Immunity Plan
Who is this webinar for?

Everyone! The immune system is the body’s natural defense mechanism that fights invading diseases. If the system gets compromised, it can cause ill health and sickness. That is why it is essential to boost our immunity so we can achieve optimal wellbeing.

Whether your employees are at work, home, or traveling, this highly engaging live wellbeing webinar has powerful take-away actions designed to leave delegates feeling empowered, positive, and action-focused. It can also be delivered as an onsite workshop.

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