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We are one of the leading Wellbeing providers in the UK, providing services since 2006, focused on prevention and sustainability.  Our core values of honesty, integrity, passion and collaboration lie at the heart of our customer service experience.

With our expansive knowledge, we understand what it takes to build engaging, cost-effective and sustainable workplace wellbeing programmes that transform lives.  Our unique transformation programme, Recalibrate Wellbeing®, empowers individuals to achieve their optimal wellbeing and live their best lives.  We change the way people think about wellbeing, through empowerment, habit upgrades and behavioural change.  So they can make positive choices and lasting lifestyle changes.

Our Engage, Educate, Empower model, offers companies and workplaces a complete wellbeing solution.

Through engagement with our Interactive Health Kiosks and Wellbeing Age® measurement, education through the Recalibrate Wellbeing® Programme and empowerment through developing Wellbeing Ambassadors in the workplace,  we help businesses of all sizes roll out an affordable, sustainable and measurable wellbeing strategy.


Everybody has wellbeing, but few know how to optimise it.  The difference between health and wellbeing is ownership.  The first step is to create engagement which is achieved through events, wellbeing workshops, wellbeing webinars and our Interactive Health Kiosk. For most people there is a ‘lightbulb’ moment through engagement that starts them on the journey of exploring where they are at with their own wellbeing; we create those ‘lightbulb’ moments through this engagement strategy.


Simplifying wellbeing to achieve sustainable behaviour change. Once engaged, we signpost people into the Recalibrate Wellbeing® Programme and the Wellbeing Community where there are opportunities to explore the tools of Recalibrate Wellbeing®, take the twelve week programme, either alone or in a group and either supported by a Wellbeing Coach or Wellbeing Ambassador, or simply by following the online instructions to complete the programme, graduate and reap even more benefits from the Wellbeing Community.  Within the Community, the combination of like-minded people sharing best practice, great content, live training programmes and access to inspirational events both on and offline creates an environment where natural connection, continual development and sustainable change occurs!  We believe that optimal wellbeing is achieved through continuous progress, giving people the building blocks designed to address every part of their wellbeing.

It is the focus on all these components that contribute to how a person feels, emotionally, physically, psychologically and socially; this is a major USP of the Recalibrate Wellbeing® Programme which ultimately ensures that people can be their best selves by focusing on the small changes that are relevant to them.


Training leaders to embed sustainable change by empowering others to achieve optimal wellbeing.  Training employees to become effective Wellbeing Ambassadors transforms an organisation’s wellbeing culture, generating sustainable change. Through their influence, guidance and example, Wellbeing Ambassadors will solidify a company’s long-term vision and wellbeing strategy, by embedding consistency from within the organisation.


We are a bit different from the rest, we are continually looking for new ways to make dealing with us a unique and pleasurable experience; we keep our fingers firmly on the pulse to help us develop new and exciting wellbeing programmes.  We back up everything that we do with evidence-based research and practical experience.


Wellbeing People have supported many charities over the years, in particular, working in partnership with C3 Collaborating for Health, Barnardo’s, British Heart Foundation and many others.  We will always try to support charities where and when we can.  Staff raise money throughout the year by joining in Wear it Red Day for British Heart Foundation, Wear it Pink for Breast Cancer Research, Jeans for Genes Day for Genetics Disorders UK, Sport Relief and Comic Relief.