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Wellbeing Director. Speaker. Thought Leader

Pip is an award-winning wellbeing coach, speaker and the creator of the Recalibrate Wellbeing® Programme. In 2019, Pip was appointed Wellbeing Director for Wellbeing People Ltd after merging her sole trader business DayOne Wellness which she founded in 2014.

Pip is wildly passionate about empowering people to live their best lives. She believes the only way we can turn this global wellbeing epidemic around is by educating organisations and communities on how to create optimal wellbeing environments for employees and community members to thrive.

Prioritising wellbeing is often viewed as selfish or a waste of ‘good’ time, but from Pip’s experience, witnessed first-hand, it can be one of the most selfless time saving activities an individual organisation or community can invest in. The Recalibrate Wellbeing® Programme continues to transform lives in organisations’ workplace wellbeing initiatives and in local communities through public health initiatives.

Empowering People to live their best lives

Pip’s experience in both the private, corporate, and public health sectors allow her to connect with any audience. Pip’s passion lies in engaging people in the topic of optimal wellbeing then empowering individuals and organisations to dream big, then act small to achieve sustainable results.

“The key to staggering long term results is small daily actions, my job is to engage, educate, but most importantly empower people to start now and fine tune later – the goal is always progress not perfection!” Pip Lawrence

Signature Topics and Services

Leading with a Wellbeing Culture This highly engaging talk takes leaders on a journey of self-awareness on what optimal wellbeing actually means.  Then highlights the 3 steps all conscious leaders must take in order to build teams and cultures that are resilient enough to sustain the post pandemic world. Best for: Leaders & Managers

The Optimal Wellbeing Formula Expect high energy, audience interaction and heightened self-awareness. This eye-opening presentation engages audiences around a central theme that everyone can relate to before empowering individuals to take personal responsibility for their own wellbeing. Best For: Everyone, especially beneficial at the launch of a new wellbeing initiative.

Conference Speaker Wellbeing Bites  Consistency is key when it comes to wellbeing and sometimes a small consistent message is more empowering than a big lengthy one. Wellbeing Bites are 10-minute talks that can be threaded through a conference to increase energy and audience participation whilst threading a theme of wellbeing through your conference


“I can already tell you that I had a lot of people expressing how much they enjoyed these wellbeing bites! They liked the fact that you provided practical tips which they could implement easily and could make a real difference in their level of energy on a daily basis. Thanks a lot for your great enthusiasm in sharing these bites and precious contribution to the meeting!” Emma Gabbus Pillon Medtronic 2022

“Pip came to facilitate a workshop for the members of SENSE Nutritionists in October 2019. The group is a diverse mix of freelance nutritionists with some members providing personal nutrition advice and others working in the industry. Pip successfully managed to engage with all the delegates and demonstrated useful tools for managing clients and life in general. Thank you so much for a great workshop and for helping us develop new skills to use in our businesses.” Barbra Bray PhD

To book or enquire about Pip speaking at your event, conference, seminar or workplace, please contact us