Working towards a better, healthier future..

One of our health coaches has worked alongside a gentleman to help and advise him with regard to making a change in his health. This man was suffering a bereavement and had, in turn, lost sight of his health.  With our help, he managed to turn his lifestyle around and began looking towards a better, healthier future.


A Health Coach first made contact with the client as a referral from the Health MOT Roadshow. A phone call with the individual unveiled that since his health check, the gentleman had made positive lifestyle changes which led to a weight loss and new exercise regime.

Next Steps

The client was so inspired by his health check and motivated by some of the more negative results, that he was given the necessary push to make changes to his lifestyle. Before the Health Coach’s meeting with the client to discuss his Health MOT results, he had already changed his eating habits, joined a slimming club and even began cycling and exercising with his own gym equipment at home.

The Health Coach stepped in at this stage to offer her expert advice with regards to healthy eating and exercise, informing the client of the health recommendations/guidelines for good health. The Health Coach also provided practical guidance on alcohol guidelines, making sure the client was aware of his recommended daily unit intake.


During a traumatic period of the client’s life, attending the Wellbeing Health MOT Bus for a health check provided him with the motivation to turn his life and health around.

Although the client had already made a drastic change by the time our Health Coach got in contact with him, the advice we provided about the Eatwell Guide offered him even more knowledge to work from and influenced his lifestyle change further.

Since his Wellbeing Health MOT, the client has lost over 4 stone, and whilst our Health Coach was not personally responsible for that progress, their meeting encouraged the gentleman even further. By meeting with the client, the Health Coach was able to encourage him even further, whilst increasing his confidence and self-esteem by providing the recognition he deserved for all of his hard work.