Sam’s Story of the Month

“The Recalibrate Wellbeing® Programme gave me the strength and armor to change my mindset”

Our Wellbeing Team have been working with Metroline over the last 18 months to spread the ripple by inspiring employees to take ownership of their own wellbeing.

Our Wellbeing Director Pip Lawrence spoke to Sam a recent graduate of the 12 week Recalibrate Wellbeing® Programme to find out how it provided her with the tools, resources and the belief required to achieve sustainable change.

Sam has been working for the London Bus Company for almost 22 years and is the Assistant Business Support Manager. Sam shares her incredible transformation and how it not only influenced her wellbeing at work but also in her family life.

Watch the full interview to find out how Recalibrate® Wellbeing gave Sam the strength and armor to change my mindset with our Lead Wellbeing Coach Grant Payne

What motivated you to enroll on the Recalibrate Wellbeing® Programme?

“I hadn’t really thought about “wellbeing” before, it meant being happy right? I knew something wasn’t quite right with me but couldn’t articulate it. I knew alcohol was becoming a monster, I knew sewing was doing something good for me. I knew I wasn’t eating well, but didn’t really connect it to my wellbeing. It was just the curve balls of life at the time. So when I heard about the programme through work, I was curious. Perhaps this is something I need. Let me try it and see. Maybe it will help…..”

How did you find the Recalibrate Wellbeing® Programme?

“Oh wow!!! Where do I begin?The programme came to me at the right time – even though I didn’t realise I needed it.
At the beginning, I was surprised at how much of an impact little changes could do. Just drinking a glass of water in the morning. So simple. So easy.

And eating the rainbow. It was something that just stuck in my head. Every time I went shopping I started to see colours, and started to make little changes to what we ate at home. Some days I would look at what I had cooked and think “oh, not enough rainbow today”, and other days it was full of colour. And my family started to benefit too, though they didn’t realise it.

And movement medicine. Wow! What an impact! The programme explained the science behind it and this really resonated with me.

The videos were great, and packed in so much information in a clear way. The programme helped me to understand what was happening to my body, and with that I started to understand what Wellbeing really was.”

What’s changed for you since completing the Recalibrate Wellbeing® Programme?

“There have been quite a few changes.

First, I began walking in the mornings. it was just a little walk, but this quickly increased to a 4.5 mile walk. I found getting up and going straight out for a walk set me up for the day. It really is medicine for me. It is healing me when I didn’t realise how broken I was.

The walk has become more than just a walk. Yes there are physical benefits, I am stronger and fitter, but it clears my head – all the destructive, negative thoughts are stamped out in the first mile and replaced with things I want to achieve for the day. I’m normally walking around 4.30-5am and have begun to appreciate the peace and stillness at that time of the morning. The world is either still sleeping or just beginning to stir. The roads are quiet, the birds are waking up and I now find comfort in this peace. And that’s it. That right there, for me is good wellbeing. I understand what it feels like now. I get it now.

And now that I can feel what good wellbeing feels like, I can identify and recognise when I am having poor days. And I am now alcohol free. Ooh that was hard, but giving up the alcohol, recognising that I needed to find better, healthier ways to cope with things has been so good for me. It forced me to turn inwards and understand why I was drinking so much and to become more accepting of my own feelings and emotions. The programme gave me the strength and armor to change my mindset and become more in-tune with how I felt. OK, giving up the alcohol just made me angry at first, but I used that anger. I found the anger gave me energy. It was the frustration of not being able to drink, the stubbornness to keep going – boy there was some super angry hoovering that took place for a few weeks, but I turned the anger energy into positive energy. It made me walk faster for one thing. it got me up and moving instead of sitting and sulking.

And all the while the mindset changes I learned from the programme helped me through. It has improved my sleep – a combination of having a better daily routine, not drinking, keeping myself hydrated with plenty of water and enjoying being outside more. I was never a fan of water before, but I’m now drinking between 2-4 litres a day and I feel great. In fact, I find I “need” it now. I have lost 2 1/2 stone so far, and still going.

Friends and family are seeing the difference in me and it feels great. All the little changes I have made (and some big changes) are making a daily difference. Going forward – I am combining this with my sewing – losing the weight and the money I have saved on alcohol I am now putting towards learning proper garment sewing. Ooh, the idea of being able to sew my own clothes, that fit me well and be more sustainable is something I can really aim for now. And wellbeing – I can feel it now. For me, things that bring me joy and peace, both physically and mentally are what good wellbeing is. I think that is why I would get the “itch” to paint – and now sew. It is my mind and body telling me to do what brings me joy – like a craving – but a craving to be in my happy place, because I need to be there more. Without the fog of the alcohol, and the toxicity of processed foods, I can SEE and more importantly, FEEL things clearer and it is both mentally and physically uplifting.

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Whether you are a business or organisation wanting to transform the wellbeing of your workforce, or an individual wishing to reach your health and fitness goals, this powerful wellbeing programme is tailored to suit all.