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Discover the impact that your daily habits are having on your health, wellbeing and productivity!

This webinar provides hands-on practical tools to help manage stress, enhance resilience, improve your mental fitness to achieve your goals!

What will the Resilience & Mental Fitness Webinar Cover?

  • Understand the biological impact too much or too little stress has on our wellbeing
  • Discover the difference between internal, external and acute stressors and which ones ARE in your control
  • Experience a traditional mindfulness session, and additional resilience practices that can be tailored to suit your lifestyle

Who is the webinar for?

Everyone who lives in the modern world!

This eye opening webinar highlights the impact our lifestyle habits have on our mental health. Delegates will discover the scale between mental illness and mental fitness, plus the empowered actions they can make to improve their resilience.

The session can be delivered as a webinar or an onsite workshop depending on whether your employees are working at home, in the office or travelling.

“Resilience isn’t about how much stress you have, it’s about how effectively you can manage the stressors in your life” Pip Lawrence

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