Sleep and Nutrition

Sleep and Nutrition Workshops

Sleep deprivation causes serious problems in all areas of life and has a negative impact on work performance and working relationships. Employees have more difficulty concentrating, learning, and communicating with inadequate sleep. Poor nutrition will also have a negative affect at work; reduced energy levels, irritability, an increased risk of depression and anxiety and difficulty in focusing and concentrating at work. Both inadequate sleep and poor diet increases the risk of more serious health conditions too.

Outcome: Healthier and happier staff with increased productivity and performance. Reduced employee absenteeism and sickness.

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Sleep and Nutrition Workshops

Topics include

  • Health and Hydration
  • Eat Well, Feel Well
  • Sleep
  • Nutrition
  • Afternoon Lethargy

See full specification of each workshop below.

The duration of each workshop is around 45-60 minutes and will cater for a group of about 15-25 delegates.  However, our workshops can be tailored to suit your requirements

What's included

  • Trained Lifestyle Coach to deliver workshop
  • Admin and marketing support
  • eInvites, posters, promotional literature and booking system
  • Supporting workshop literature and handouts
  • Qs and As

Choose from

  • Health and Hydration Workshop
  • Eat Well, Feel Well Workshop
  • Sleep Workshop
  • Nutrition Workshop
  • Afternoon Lethargy Workshop
  • Other wellbeing workshops and therapies
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Full Description

The Health and Hydration Workshop explores the myths and truths around hydration and the impacts on your health.  Participants will develop a greater understanding of how the body can be influenced by poor fluid intake and the correlation of dehydration and disease.

  • How much water should we drink?
  • Links between health and hydration
  • Performance, health and wellbeing
  • Short and long term effects of hydration
  • Signs of dehydration

Our Eat Well, Feel Well is a fun workshop is delivered by our registered nutritionist who looks at the link between food, lifestyle and health.  Focusing on how to eat well at work and discover elements of a healthy diet to feel well.

  • Assess diet and lifestyle within the workplace
  • Set personal goals to make positive changes.
  • Food labels and portion sizes
  • Impact of food on mood
  • Establish long-term healthy eating habits

“Poor sleepers are twice as likely to struggle to be productive, 3 times more likely to struggle to concentrate and 7 times more likely to feel helpless” (Great British Sleep Survey, 2012

Whether you’re a suffering insomniac or constantly wake up craving an extra hour in bed, our mood, productivity and health could all benefit from more restful and restorative sleep.

A restless night results in reduced cognitive function, heightened emotional reactions and lowered immunity. Sleep loss limits the body’s ability to build muscle, makes injury more likely during exercise and has been found to interfere with hunger hormones which fuel food cravings, sabotaging our efforts to enhance our physical health. A lack of sleep has even been linked to an increased risk of osteoporosis and cancer.

This workshop will introduce techniques and healthy habits to promote a more restful and restorative sleep (even if limited) and tips to increase energy levels after a sleepless night.


Participants will

  • Understand the benefits of a good night sleep on their work, mood and relationships
  • Learn the lifestyle habits to improve sleep quality, increase energy and productivity and obtain better overall physical health through diet, exercise, alcohol, technology and stress
  • Understand the benefits of ‘sleepless rest’ and explore strategies to feel more alert and optimise productivity

The Nutrition Workshop is engages individuals and helps them to understand the importance of good nutrition to promote good health and ease the stresses of everyday life.

Our registered Nutritionist looks at the link between food, lifestyle and health outcomes. The workshop focuses on the impact that food can have on motivation, concentration and mood; how to eat well at work and participants will discover the elements of a healthy diet to feel well, including blood sugar levels, essential fats, proteins, vitamin and minerals. Individuals will be led to assess their own diet and lifestyle within the workplace as well as in daily life, and be inspired to set personal goals to start making small positive changes. This is with the aim of establishing long-term healthy eating habits which promotes a healthy and happy lifestyle.

As well as taking part in a quiz throughout the workshop, there will be a range of different hand-outs available with menu and recipe ideas, and resources to help read labels and understand portion sizes.


Afternoon Lethargy 

Content coming soon.  Please ask for more information

Our Lifestyle Coaches are fully trained and are very dedicated;  they deliver the workshops with passion and knowledge, engaging with their audience.  They  bring topics to life and keep the content informative and interesting.  Our coaches bring inspiration and enthusiasm and will give support where needed.

A training or conference room away from noise and interruption is ideal, with seating and space for a projector and screen, or white wall.   A light airy or air conditioned room also creates a great environment in which to learn.

Eating well and sleeping well will keep employees physically and mentally fit. With adequate sleep and a healthy diet,  staff sickness, absenteeism and presenteeism will all reduce (working while sick can cause poor health, exhaustion and reduced producivity).

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