Posture Problems

Postural Assessments & Workshop

Sitting and standing with good postural alignment enables individuals to work more efficiently with less fatigue and strain on ligaments and muscles. Awareness of good posture helps to break bad postural habits and reduces pressure and stress on your spine and therefore reduces the risk of backache and muscular pain. Having a relaxed and tension free balanced posture will keep bones and joints in correct alignment so that muscles are used effectively and correctly, preventing strain and overuse.

Outcome: Reduces risk of injury, improves personal fitness, reduces pain and improve posture

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Employee Postural Assessments

  • Two movement assessments
  • Identifies areas of over or under active muscles
  • Individual corrective strategy
  • Information sheet with outcomes
  • Understand importance of movement and mobility

Mind Your Posture

This workshop can be on an individual or group basis.

  • Influence of physical activity on musculoskeletal health
  • Physical inactivity and ‘the sitting disease’
  • Understanding good posture
  • Combat stress
  • Ways to improve posture

Full Description

Postural Assessments are on a one-to-one basis and will take about 30 minutes.

Employees are asked to complete two movement assessments (overhead squat assessment & single leg squat assessment).

These assessments identify probable over active  muscles (short & tight) and probable under active muscles (lengthened & weak).  This ascertains which muscles require better flexibility (stretching) and which require better strengthening (activation).

Each assessment will provide the employee with a basic individual corrective strategy to apply immediately. This strategy, if applied regularly in conjunction with healthy living and continued physical activity, will reduce risk of injury, help improve personal fitness, reduce any knee, back, shoulder, neck pain and improve posture.

The employee also has the opportunity to discuss solutions to any obstacles to their continued personal health, fitness and wellbeing.

Employees will take away an information sheet containing the outcomes of the assessment, a plan for individual mobility exercises, corrective stretches and strengthening exercises (solutions) and a deeper understanding of the importance of mobility and movement.

Mind your Posture Workshop can be on a one-to-one or group basis.  This workshop / session covers muscular skeletal disorders, understanding common postural problems, how physical activity helps,  the damage that physical inactivity can cause, ‘the sitting disease’, combat stress through being active and how to improve posture.

Employers across all disciplines, whether operating machinery, driving long hours or shop floor workers, are all at risk of muscle strain, injury, aches and pains. Postural  Assessments are not just for office and onsite staff but for off-site workers too

A meeting room or quiet area is ideal with enough room for a desk/table and chair for assessments and training.

Reduces risk of injury and employee absenteeism.  Boosts productivity and performance.

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