Wellbeing Station

Wellbeing Station is fun and easy to use and a great way to access information to improve an individual’s health and wellbeing. Easy to install – just plug and go! Perfect for rest rooms, kitchens and areas with a high footfall for individuals to interact and engage in wellbeing questions, factoids and thought provoking quotes – generating discussion around health and wellbeing.

Outcome: Wellbeing engagement, boosts morale and productivity. Generates wellbeing conversations promoting good health and wellbeing within the workplace.

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Engaging, fun and informative

Generates wellbeing engagement

Low cost rental

Raises awareness of personal health

Helps improve an individual’s wellbeing

Wellbeing Station Includes:

  • Wellbeing quiz with over 6,000 questions
  • Wellbeing facts and information
  • Wellbeing calendar and monthly bulletin
  • Thought provoking quote of the day

Plus benefits of the GURU online!

  • Health risk assessment
  • MyMood
  • Personal challenges
  • Life balance questionaire
  • Optional bespoke rewards and benefits link

Full Description

The Wellbeing Station is an easy to use, engaging and fun concept bringing wellbeing to life in the workplace every day. The Wellbeing Station can be free standing or wall mounted and has been designed to be kept in any communal area, ideally where there will be the highest level of utilisation. Users answer five interesting health and wellbeing related quiz questions providing health and wellbeing knowledge, followed by facts, inspiring quotes and a wellbeing calendar of health and wellbeing awareness days and months. Through regular interaction with the Wellbeing Station, individuals can get health and wellbeing reinforced messages which creates a basis for health and wellbeing to become a focal point within the workplace. This wellbeing interaction continues with  the Wellbeing Station’s online companion – Wellbeing Guru – providing users with a wide range of tools and further knowledge, helping to set and reach goals that takes the individual into an extended world of health and wellbeing support.

Wellbeing Guru accompanies the Wellbeing Station and is Wellbeing People’s online portal that has been designed to further engage individuals in their own health and wellbeing. It is an easy platform to use and is accessible via computer, tablet or mobile.  Wellbeing Guru is available to all members of your organisation over the three year rental period of the Wellbeing Station and includes the following features which are regularly updated:

Health Risk Assessment  allows individuals to make nonmedical assessments about their health and wellbeing, and set challenges to improve their wellbeing based on their results.

Life Balance Questionnaire (Boomerang) is a questionnaire is about the things you can’t throw away. It is essential that we recognise the effects of mental and physical health and put measures in place to support positive health and wellbeing choices. By using the Boomerang Life Balance, it helps individuals to understand the balance of their work and home life in order to reduce stress and feel happier. This will have a positive effect upon employees boosting productivity, satisfaction, and employee health and wellbeing.

Quiz Questions  – using the same basis as the Wellbeing Station, users can answer wellbeing related true or false quiz questions.

MyMood  is a mental resilience app that helps individuals to understand how they are feeling and why they might feel that way.

Personal Challenges last for 4 weeks. You can select which goals fit your lifestyle to achieve your challenge, or you can add your own. Once started you can follow your  progress and add your results from here.

BMI Checker – Body Mass Index (BMI) is an internationally recognised method of determining whether you are overweight or obese, through using a ratio between your
height and weight.

Health Library – Individuals have access to further support and information through being signposted to the relevant supporting bodies of the chosen topic. This is ideal for individuals who are concerned about any results of our employee health screening. Through either scanning a QR code on the Wellbeing Station’s display or following the ink provided, individuals can set up their own account with a username and password; their data and personal info will not be shared or identified. Guru also has the capability to automatically populate health metrics of the user that are taken from our Interactive Health Kiosk, and over time users can see graphs of progression.

Designed to provide long-term engagement with over 6,000 questions, the Wellbeing Station is fully prepared for individuals to interact over a three year period without having a repeat experience. The reason for this is that having a longer and sustained nudge towards health and wellbeing is a greater benefit to individuals than compared to shorter periods of exposure.

  • Three year rental contract
  • Optional bespoke rewards/benefits

National wellbeing awareness days/months The Wellbeing Station, when idle, will show thought provoking ‘quotes of the day’ that range from motivational and health and wellbeing related, through to fun facts and informative tips. This is a constant engagement with individuals when the Wellbeing Station is idle and can create the relevant conversations within the workplace surrounding wellbeing. During idle mode, the Wellbeing Station will display annual wellbeing calendar dates that include national awareness months and days, e.g. Dry January or Mental Health Awareness Day. This encourages individuals to become more aware of wellbeing events throughout the year and promotes conversations and positive interaction with friends and colleagues.

Good employee wellbeing is not just an output but a method of organisational success.

| Great wellbeing gives your organisation an edge, making employees happy to work.
| Keeping employees happy helps to attract and retain the best talent in the market!
| Prevention of poor mental and physical health is easier than finding a cure.
| Reduced absenteeism means higher levels of performance and productivity.

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