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Research suggests that employees who have high levels of mental wellbeing are more productive.  Implementing a mental health strategy within the workplace is more achievable than you may think and there are many simple steps you can take to ensure your employees are supported.

Outcome: Improved levels of mental wellbeing within the workplace promotes a motivated and more productive workforce.

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    Wellbeing People believe that the role of businesses is to create a workplace environment where everyone can thrive.

    For many people, work is where they spend the majority of their lives and sadly, mental health is still far from being a comfortable subject to talk about, particularly at work.  So ensuring that the mental health of your employees is supported is vital to ensure they can be as mentally fit and as well as possible.

    Introducing a programme of Wellbeing Webinars or Wellbeing Workshops is a simple way to get your employees thinking about their mental wellbeing as well as being able to recognise that others around them may need support too.  Online webinars and onsite workshops are an informative, interactive and easily accessible way of providing the essential support your employees need.

    Our Recalibrate Wellbeing Programme also addresses mindset and helps individuals to make positive choices to their lifestyle habits, in small simple steps, habit upgrades and a mantra of progress not perfection.

    If you are experiencing or you know someone that may be suffering with mental health issues or you need urgent support or more information on a particular issue, there are many organisations and places to go to for help. We hope our Referral Links page will give you the support and advice you may require.

    Should you need more urgent help, we would advise that you seek help from a medical professional.

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