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Our health fairs and wellbeing events aim to educate people to make positive choices around their own health and wellbeing through engaging in physical activities, health screenings, relaxation sessions and informative workshops. We can take the pressure off the planning and running of your health fair and will tailor your wellbeing event to suit your needs and include as little or as much interaction, engagement and education as required.

Outcome: Employee engagement improves workplace wellbeing. Boosts morale and productivity.

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What's included

  • We will manage your wellbeing day and engage with your employees
  • Comms, marketing and promotional media with your own brand
  • Launch and deliver your wellbeing event/programme
  • Supporting literature hand-outs linked to the services provided
  • Delivery, installation and collection of equipment
  • Admin and marketing support
  • Referral pathway development using existing services and support channels
  • Aggregated anonymous reports post event

Choose from

  • Wide range of wellbeing activities, products and services as listed above
  • Your own branded marketing and promotional media
  • A theme for your health fair
  • Budget
  • Raffle prizes, goals and incentives
  • Online booking system
  • Location

Full Description

Running a health fair highlights the importance of good health and wellbeing to employees and individuals.  Whether it be a wellness day, wellness week, health fair or wellbeing event and no matter how small or big, we can deliver health and wellbeing initiatives for your employees to suit your requirements for your organisation.  Wellbeing People will take the pressure off the planning and running of your health fair or wellbeing event. From pre and post marketing, online booking systems and staffing to unique engagement tools to make your event a real success!

It is vital throughout a wellbeing programme that an organisation understands the value it is delivering. We report on all aspects of the process, from individuals receiving a measure of their vital signs over time, to complete aggregated anonymous reports after the event to help you understand the key areas to target for future support. We will also inform you of how many employees engaged in each wellbeing activity and provide any feedback that was given.

Should there be any concerns, our health coaches will signpost employees towards the correct referral pathway.  We work closely with organisations to ensure the journey from initial engagement to final outcome, maximises the potential to improve the health and wellbeing of their employees, by identifying the need and marrying it up to an appropriate intervention, whilst supporting the employee through to a positive measurable outcome. The Health Kiosk can also be used as a referral tool, giving the user the option of referring themselves to other services or resources, such as Employee Assistance Programmes, that your company may provide.

Health fairs, wellbeing events, wellness days or wellness weeks can be located in most offices and buildings.  Rooms need to be spacious to allow enough room for the products to be used safely and comfortably. Most products need to be near a power socket too.  Popular areas such as canteens, reception halls, foyers and break-out or waiting room areas work well for the interactive products such as the Kiosk, Smoothie Bikes and photo booth as they are highly populated and frequently visited enabling employees.  Quieter rooms are required for the massage and therapy sessions and separate rooms with seating for the workshops.

Through engaging and involving staff in wellbeing activities, it brings employees together in a positive and happy environment.  It is a great way to provide valuable information on health and wellbeing as well as screening services for your employees, great for boosting morale, helps staff to feel valued and leads to a healthier and more productive workforce.

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What Can We Do For You?

Ask for a quick quote and one of our sales team will contact you to discuss your enquiry. Fields marked with (*) are required.

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