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Below is a full list of our wellbeing webinar  (and workshop) topics that can be delivered online or at your location.  For more information on each webinar, click on the Webinar Title below for details on each topic.

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Get inspired and learn the tips and tricks for generating positive and sustainable behaviour change! This fun and interactive workshop will introduce you to the four cornerstones of wellbeing; Mindset, Nutrition, Movement and Lifestyle Habits.

  • Learn more about what optimal wellbeing means
  • Life hacks for making simple lifestyle changes
  • Packed with powerful and practical how-to advice
  • Fun, engaging and interactive!

Experience first hand how to set successful goals and actually achieve them! In this workshop you will learn the difference between outcome goals and action goals, how to overcome barriers and develop unshakable motivation.

  • Discover the secret to the growth mindset
  • The blueprint for setting successful targets
  • Ditch the ‘band-wagon’ mentality for good!
  • Make your mantra ‘progress not perfection’

This workshop will debunk several myths surrounding nutrition, simplifying what a healthy diet actually means and will provide you with practical tools to tailor nutrition to your body type and overall health and wellbeing goals.

  • Build a personalised nutrition plan
  • Resolve several myths surrounding nutrition
  • Find out what a healthy diet actually looks like
  • Practical, interactive and engaging

This workshop helps you understand the four types of hunger and how they can affect your mood, energy and cravings. You’ll learn what causes them and more importantly how to overcome them to live a longer, leaner, healthier, happier life!

  • Understand what the four types of hunger are
  • Increased energy and avoid the post-lunch slump
  • Insightful advice to eliminate your cravings

Find out how to break the modern-day sitting epidemic to move more without a gym membership! Movement is the super-drug your body is craving to detoxify and cultivate natural energy.

  • Supercharge your immune system
  • Boost detoxification to increase energy levels
  • make your body feel better and reduce stiffness
  • Simple routines with no time in the gym involved!

Valuable lessons around understanding the importance of recovery and how that impacts your performance, resilience and even social interactions. Plus learn five practical lifestyle habits everyone can access for superior sleep!

  • Discover the importance of restful recovery
  • Enhance resilience and reduce stress levels
  • Difference between quality and quantity of sleep
  • Learn five practical lifestyle habits everyone can use
Sleep Your Way to Success Workshop Image

Ever feel like you’re stuck in the same routine day after day? This workshop helps you understand why we do what we do, how to break self sabotaging patterns and reprogramme your habit loops to achieve the mind, body and life that you desire!

  • Break self sabotaging patterns to achieve more
  • Understand why we form the bad habits we do
  • Learn how to reprogramme your habit cycles
  • Master your mind to start living your best life!
How to Make and Break Habits Workshop Image

In this workshop we will teach you the five key elements of fitness – and how to start enjoying exercise! Plus, discover the difference between a baseline, a breakthrough and a restorative workout.

  • Discover the secrets of working smarter not harder
  • Build a personal fitness plan to fit your lifestyle
  • Learn the five key elements of fitness
  • Why ‘no pain no gain’ is a pointless myth
Building Easy Exercise Routines Workshop Image

Discover the impact that your daily habits are having on your health, wellbeing and productivity! This workshop gives you hands-on practical tools to help manage stress, enhance resilience, improve your mental fitness to achieve your goals!

  • Discover the most effective resilience ‘life-hacks’
  • Move from poor mental health to mental fitness
  • Learn a variety of mindful meditation techniques
  • Determine how to make stress work for you!
Resilience and Mental Fitness Workshop Image

In a world that seems to be getting faster and faster, this workshop gives an insight into how you can manage your time more efficiently. Having a better relationship with time means less stress, reduced anxiety and increased productivity!

  • Learn how to find extra quality time in your day
  • Improve your relationship with tech and devices
  • Feel more in control and increase your happiness
  • Insights into managing your time more efficiently

Learn amazing habits that are being used by the happiest global cultures and easily incorporate them into your lifestyle! These simple changes can increase your personal happiness by up to 50%, helping you towards living a happier life.

  • Learn happiness habits from around the world
  • Educate yourself to empower others
  • Easy to implement no matter how busy you are
  • Start living a happier and healthier lifestyle

Discover how to effectively manage the menopause, giving you key insights into the cause and symptoms, how to alleviate symptoms and gain the empathy required to support colleagues going through the change.

  • Useful advice around coping with the menopause
  • Lessons into what alleviates and aggravates symptoms
  • Discover the causes, symptoms and a few facts
  • Designed for all – learn more and gain empathy

This workshop is designed to help managers and leaders effectively support employees by creating an environment that helps them to achieve optimal wellbeing.

Topics covered include:

  • To engage managers in optimal wellbeing and provide an awareness of how optimal wellbeing prevents mental, physical and emotional pain whilst fuelling performance
  • To share best practises on how to create an environment that makes it easier for employees to achieve optimal wellbeing
  • To explore the crucial difference between empathy and sympathy when leading a team
  • To explain the 3 steps to sustainable wellbeing cultures

Most of us have very little control over emergency health situations. However, we do have A LOT of control over how efficient our immune system, mental health, and resilience is during this testing time. This webinar is filled with powerful takeaway actions designed to leave delegates feeling empowered, positive, and action-focused.

Topics covered include:

• How to boost your immune system – simple five-minute daily practice.
• Creating the right home working environment for optimal wellbeing.
• Battling social isolation and enhancing emotional wellbeing.
• How to structure your day and keep productive.
• Energy management and motivation.
• Mental health and resilience – coping with stress and anxiety.
• Movement – keeping energized.

Whether you are returning to work or working from home, this webinar looks at practical ways you can enhance your wellbeing to improve your work life agility.

A major change of any kind naturally instigates self-reflection, which can be an uncomfortable place for many. Some people are understandably fearful about Coronavirus, others are experiencing low moods, physical stiffness, anxiety, loneliness and self-sabotaging behaviours. The undeniable message the pandemic has highlighted is that, as a nation, we are not prioritising optimal wellbeing. Furthermore, it is apparent that we’ve never actually been taught how to optimise our physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

Empower individuals to take a pro-active approach to immunity by sharing eye-opening research and actionable lifestyle habits that you can implement straight away.

This Webinar Will Cover

• Why winter can cause such physiological and mental unrest
• Nutrition upgrades for winter & latest research on Vitamin D & Omega 3
• Easy to implement outdoor movement & exercise habits that improve lymphatic drainage and boost immunity
•  Sleep habit hacks & the importance of light exposure for mood and mental fitness
•  The Optimal Wellbeing Winter Immunity Plan

Understanding the modern phenomenon of burnout, the role chronic inflammation plays and the anti-inflammatory habits everyone has access to!

This Webinar Will Cover

• What burnout is
• The 12 stages of burnout – where are you?
• The different approaches to either prevent or recalibrate burnout
• The link between chronic inflammation & burnout
• The 8 anti-inflammatory habits we all have access to
• Bonus success tips and resources

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