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What is occupational health?

Occupational health focuses on the way your work affects your health. It is about making sure a person is fit for the job they do.

Ensuring that your workforce remain happy, healthy and motivated throughout their employment with you will help to maintain high standards of practice and increase productivity; resulting in a profitable, successful business.

The main areas targeted by occupational health are:

  • The promotion and maintenance of physical, mental and social well-being of each worker in each occupation
  • The prevention of ill or damaged health to workers, caused by their role or work environment
  • The protection of workers in their work environment, from risks resulting in possible injury or adverse physical or mental health

Occupational Health services offer direct help for employees who suffer an injury or ill health related to work. These services provide the opportunity to discuss concerns about your medical problems and any issues you may be facing in the workplace.

Good practice involves adapting the work involved within a role to the worker, and not the other way round.

Why is occupational health important?

Ensuring that occupational health is maximised will help to enforce the following benefits:

  • Lower levels of absenteeism
  • Improved staff morale and motivation
  • Increased productivity
  • Improved company image
  • Fewer injuries

As a result, your business is likely to see an increase in business and a rise in revenue – a happy workforce is invaluable for the success of your business.

What can Wellbeing People do to help?

Interactive Health Kiosk

Our Interactive Health Kiosk offers employees the ability to monitor their own health and wellbeing following a physical and mental health test that provides a snapshot of their overall wellbeing, including potential threats and areas in which they are successfully managing their health.

Boomerang Life Balance

The Boomerang Life Balance questionnaire offers a speedy and engaging method of analysing you’re overall wellbeing, and helps to highlight areas that need improvement in order to develop the ideal balance between all areas of your life.

Posture Workshops

Our posture and workstation solutions offer guidance on the correct seating positions, as well as ensuring that each employee is using the correct equipment, in the safest possible way. Maximising workplace safety practices will reduce absenteeism due to strain or injury.

Workplace Wellbeing Charter

Wellbeing People offer guidance on the Workplace Wellbeing Charter, which offers employers clear and simple assistance on the best practices to support a productive environment which enables employees to flourish.