Ben McGannan, Managing Director

Ben began his career as Operations Director for George S Clayton Marden Ltd (the family business), after graduating from the University of Kent at Canterbury.  In 1992, Ben went on to diversify the business with the introduction of Water for Work Ltd.

Through mergers and acquisitions, Ben lead Water for Work and Home Ltd, to become one of the largest independent water cooler companies in the industry.  In 2005, Ben diversified the water cooler business by breaking into the wellbeing arena and launched a wellbeing division, Wellbeing People.  In 2019, Ben separated Wellbeing People from the water cooler business, to become its own company, Wellbeing People Ltd.

Ben is a strong believer that changing behaviours and attitudes to the way we live, both at home and at work, is the catalyst to leading a healthier life. From this principle, Ben developed the model of Engaged Prevention®, a unique concept that facilitates positive lifestyle change.

Ben loves what he does; he is passionate about the company and the team that support him. Ben looks after his own wellbeing through regular exercise, weekly PT and pilates sessions as well as enjoying a healthy diet!  Ben enjoys his sports; he is a very keen golfer and an avid supporter of Maidstone United where he watched his first match as an 8 year old with this Father!

Phillip Lerwill, Sales Director

Phillip Lerwill has been with the company since 1998, joining originally to strengthen the management of distribution. Since then he has evolved with the business and developed a complete understanding of every aspect of its activities.

In 2008 Phillip was promoted to the Sales and Customer Service team to take on a role developing the sales and operational efficiency of Wellbeing People.   In 2015, Phillip was promoted to General Manager of the entire wellbeing division.  August 2019, Phillip is now Sales Director for Wellbeing People Ltd.

Phillip trained locally on Rolls Royce and Bentley mechanics and restoration and has practical hands on ability enabling him to tackle most situations, which coupled with his attention to detail and excellent people management skills makes him a significant asset to the business.

He is a sports enthusiast having an interest in a wide variety of sports, including his role as a coach to one of the junior teams for Maidstone United!

Pip Lawrence, Wellbeing Director

Pip is an award-winning wellbeing coach and personal trainer.  In 2014, after 8 years in the health and fitness industry, Pip co-founded DayOne Wellness and created the Recalibrate Wellbeing® Programme.  Her signature 12-week programme, teaches busy people how to upgrade their mindset, nutrition, movement and lifestyle habits in a simple and more importantly…sustainable way.

In 2019 Pip was approached by Wellbeing People Ltd to merge companies and join their board as Wellbeing Director.  Now united, the Recalibrate Wellbeing® Programme brings an exciting new coaching element to the business.  Pip’s role at Wellbeing People is to support their mission of helping more people, empower more wellbeing coaches and have more fun doing it!

Pip’s interests generally involve being outside creating memories with the people she cares about. She also loves travelling, skiing, climbing and supporting others to be the best they can be!

Justine Clarabut, Marketing Director

Justine joined the company in 2011, her role being to develop the fruit delivery model in Marden, Kent.  Following a merger and the creation of Water Wellbeing Ltd in 2013, Justine’s role changed to Marketing Manager.  Her new role was to build a marketing department that was to become the central hub for generating leads and increasing the company’s presence within a digital world.

Following the separation of Wellbeing People from Water Wellbeing Ltd in August 2019, Justine was promoted to Marketing Director and now works solely for Wellbeing People.

Justine loves to keep fit, has a passion for the countryside and horses, and in her spare time, runs her own livery yard!

The Sales Team

Phillip Lerwill, Sales Director
Maggie Hurd, New Business and Account Manager
Siobhan Payne, New Business and Account Manager

The Marketing Team

Justine Clarabut, Marketing Director
Charlotte Payne, Creative Executive


Jacob Neal, Finance Manager

Wellbeing Coaches

Pip Lawrence, Wellbeing Director and Speaker
Grant Payne, Lead Wellbeing Coach
Carin Söderberg, Wellbeing Coach

The Events Team

Andy Jee, Events Executive
Rikki Apps, Events Executive

Public Health and Community Projects

Julie Stallard, Head of Public Health Contracts