Match Fit is a unique programme designed to help men exercise more and lose weight. The course involves 10 one hour sessions with an experienced exercise professional. Over the 10 weeks participants will gradually build up their level and intensity of exercise.

Match Fit FREE Men’s Health Programme

  • Unique programme for men
  • Get fit, lose weight, eat well
  • Course of 10 x one hour sessions
  • Experienced exercise professional
  • Builds up level of intensity of exercise
  • And it’s all for FREE!
Match Fit Men's Health Programme

Why just for men?

Many men find the thought of going to a gym is not for them or maybe they haven’t exercised for a while.  This is a free course for men of all ages, backgrounds and abilities that have a BMI of 28 or more.

Maidstone Borough Council and Wellbeing People supported by Maidstone United and Golding Homes developed the Match Fit programme which has been designed to engage and support men who need to lose weight (with a BMI of 28 or more) with the hope being that in a male only environment at a  football club this would encourage men to sign up. Since 2014 more than 70 men have attended the 10 week Match Fit programme and many have gone on to continue their progress by joining a local Walking Football group at the YMCA in Loose.

The programme is free and includes 10 sessions in small groups led by an experienced exercise professional. The men who attend are encouraged to gradually build up the level and intensity of exercise they can achieve even if starting from a ‘couch potato’. At the end of each session the men come together to receive some support and tips around nutrition.

Participants attend 1 session per week and can attend a maximum of 10 sessions. Each session is an hour long and is primarily an exercise session. Over 10 weeks, the sessions will include the following:

  • Physical activity led by qualified personal trainer – activity is tailored to individual ability and includes a mixture of interval running and circuit training. The activities include a warm-up with dynamic stretches and cool-down with static stretches.
  • Goal setting advice – SMART goals, weight loss goals
  • Nutrition advice provided by a registered nutritionist (Associate Nutritionist) – a different aspect of nutrition will be approached at each session.
  • Weekly weigh-in
  • Signposting and referrals provided to those requiring additional support (smoking, alcohol etc.)
  • More thorough nutritional support for those struggling to achieve weight loss (e.g. 3 day food diary)
  • Participants encouraged to increase activity levels between sessions – course card with activity goals, signposting to exercise groups.

The exercise sessions are structured so that participants gradually build up the intensity and duration of their exercise.

At the first session participants are weighed and measured and complete necessary monitoring questionnaires including a physical activity readiness questionnaire before commencing any exercise

Each participant is provided with a ‘participant pack’ (exercise and nutrition guidance, 6 Ways to Wellbeing) and a ‘course card’ to track progress.

Match Fit will be a rolling programme that will provide at least one session per week. Participants can join at any point in the programme; their initial assessments will take place at the first session attended before they join the exercise session at an intensity level appropriate for them.

Sessions will be held at:

Heather House, Parkwood Wednesdays 6pm-7pm

Maidstone United’s Gallagher Stadium Thursdays 6pm-7pm

To book a place or learn more about Match Fit, simply contact us today


Direct dial:  01622 834826