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Are your team struggling with low energy, the 3pm slumps, food cravings or h-anger?

This webinar will explain how different types of hunger affect our cravings and how to eat for sustainable energy. Avoid post-lunch slumps with insightful advice to eliminate your cravings whilst maintaining energy levels.

What will the Maintaining Energy and Managing Cravings webinar cover?

  • Understand what the four types of hunger are
  • Increased energy and avoid the post-lunch slump
  • How to eliminate h-anger for good and manage blood sugar
Maintaining energy at lunch

Who is the webinar for?

Employees who struggle with low energy, food cravings, poor diet, and h-anger!

This engaging 45-60 minute webinar helps delegates understand the four types of hunger and how they can affect your mood, energy and cravings. They will learn what causes them and more importantly how to overcome them to live a longer, leaner, healthier, happier life!

‘Vibrant diets result in vibrant lives.’ – Pip Lawrence

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