Current vacancies for Wellbeing People Ltd  

We regret we are unable to acknowledge every application. However, please bear in mind that if you are selected for an interview we will contact you directly. We would like to thank you in advance for the time and effort you have put into your application and for the interest you have shown in our company.

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JOB TWO LOCATION:  Derby, Derbyshire


The Events Executive will be responsible for providing a high quality service for the delivery of wellbeing equipment and wellbeing events to clients around the UK.

The Events Executive will be trained to install and collect wellbeing equipment and to deliver and lead wellbeing events for clients at location. Primarily this will involve setting up the Interactive Health Kiosk and taking clients through instant employee health checks. Other events or health fairs will involve setting up and taking clients through a host of services we offer including the Smoothie Bike Challenge and the NHS Health Check.

  • To be a confident person, who possesses skills in verbal communication and is well presented, particularly whilst client facing.
  • To be a confident driver and comfortable with long periods in your own company while commuting.
  • To be flexible with day to day working hours and staying away in hotels multiple times a week when required. Completing timesheets to allow for longer days / weeks, while getting hours back on shorter days or days off in lieu time.
  • To be an effective representative for Wellbeing People Ltd and to act at all times in a professional manner conducive to promoting a positive image.
  • To have a good attention to detail when preparing equipment and vehicles prior to jobs.
  • Load and unload the Interactive Health Kiosk and other event equipment using the correct manual handling procedure.
  • Commute to and from events by driving one of the company vehicles, this will be a 3.5 ton van for the majority of the time.
  • Attend corporate and community events, staying overnight in hotels when necessary.
  • Complete event paperwork with the client including delivery notes, rental agreements and operative instructions.
  • Support the Health Kiosk by delivering instant employee health checks to our clients, talking them through the process and answering any queries or concerns they may have.
  • Support the Cyclo-ssage massage system and other services including the Smoothie Bike Challenge, taking clients through the process and answering any queries or concerns they may have.
  • To deliver face to face health screening, for example Lung Health, Blood Glucose and Cholesterol tests (following training).
  • Engage with staff at client sites, encouraging them to take part in health checks/seminars.
  • Co-ordinate any last minute event changes while onsite in a calm and confident manner.
  • Confidently deal with customer queries, making a record of the question and ensure you feed back with an answer.
  • Deal with the maintenance of vehicles, Interactive Health Kiosks and other services
  • Cleaning and maintaining wellbeing equipment and vehicles.
  • Testing and prepping wellbeing equipment.
  • Maintain tidiness at all times in store room.
  • Provide event and customer feedback to office based teams including account managers and attend meetings when required.
  • Assist with administration.

HOURS:  Are varied and will involve occasional nights away

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FULL TIME POSITION – Warehouse Operative
LOCATION – Marden, Kent

This is a great opportunity for someone who would like to join a growing events team within a company that is passionate about wellbeing.  The Warehouse Operative will be responsible for providing high quality servicing of products and maintaining a warehouse that supplies the delivery and support of wellbeing products and wellbeing events around the UK.

The Warehouse Operative will be trained on the servicing, maintenance and preparation of wellbeing products and events to ensure effective delivery of our goods and services.  Along with this they will be trained on stock level management and ordering.

Key responsibilities
  • Maintenance of warehouse organisation
  • Stock checking and ordering
  • Maintenance of products, including repair work (training provided)
  • Preparation of products for delivery
  • Loading and unloading of vehicles
  • Delivery and collection of equipment and resources from suppliers

HOURS: 8.30am to 5pm

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FULL TIME POSITION – Client Event Co-ordinator
LOCATION: Marden, Kent


Provide first class administrative support and customer service via telephone, email and in person. Work with the Operations Team Leader, Operations Director and Account Managers to assist in the planning and coordination of client event programmes. Source the information required to create documents such as, invoice prep sheets for accounts and schedules for the Events Team.

To be a proactive team member, effectively representing Wellbeing People when attending events and meetings and acting at all times in a professional manner conducive to promoting a positive image.

Client Event Coordinators will report to the Operations Team Leader for the supervision and support of their day to day task assignments. The Operations Team Leader and Client Event Coordinators report to the overall line management of the Operations Director.

  • To liaise with clients on the preparation and coordination of events via telephone, email and in person.
  • Receive new SOA’s (Summary of Accounts) from the Operations Team Leader via the online Administrative Management System outlining a client event, product rental and or programme.
  • Attend meetings and or conference calls about the SOA’s with the Operations Team Leader, Account Managers, Operations Director and clients when necessary.
  • Make contact with the client to organise and process the event or programme.
  • Assemble further details required from individual contacts to process the completion of an event or programme.
  • Acquire invoicing details and raise invoice prep sheets for accounts and update the Administrative Management System.
  • Assist in providing the client with the correct marketing materials and creative requirements for events, communicating with the Marketing Team where necessary.
  • Screening telephone and email enquiries for administrative or customer service requests to be dealt with directly or be referred on appropriately.
  • Update and communicate any last-minute changes or issues (e.g. onsite logistics, contacts and equipment problems) in a calm and confident manner, either directly or with the Operations Team Leader and Operations Director.
  • Supporting events when necessary, engaging with staff at client sites, encouraging them to take part in our services and answering any queries they may have.
  • Communicate event details with the Operations Team Leader, Operations Director and Events Team to ensure necessary preparations are completed for events.
  • Support the Operations Team Leader with the maintenance of planning timetables and customer files.
  • Produce event packs containing schedules, itineraries, checklists, delivery notes and any other important documents/information for the Events Team.
  • Liaise with the events team on the information in their event packs and book their accommodation when necessary.
  • Set up meetings and appointments, book venues and accommodation.
  • Organise and file paperwork, documents and computer based information.
  • Carry out internet research on companies/products and present findings.
  • Prepare documents for invoicing.
  • Maintain a stock check and ordering system for particular wellbeing resources including, health check testing equipment and literature.
  • Print and proof read literature and documents for events.
  • Coordinate and prepare Water bottle orders for customers.
  • Prep products when necessary including blood glucose and cholesterol apparatus as well as the Interactive Health Kiosk.
  • Prepare literature boxes for events and maintain the literature area within the warehouse.

HOURS: 8.30am to 5pm Monday to Friday

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