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Jillian B Graduate of Recalibrate Wellbeing 2023

Jillian B recently graduated from the 12 week coach led Recalibrate Wellbeing support series which was offered by Argyll+Bute CLSS to empower, engage and educate their team about optimal wellbeing. Conscious choices and consistent implementation support significant improvements in our health and wellbeing.

Our Lead Wellbeing Coach, Grant Payne reflected on the programme with Jillian:

What motivated you to enrol on the RCW? “I felt I needed some support with my wellbeing. To take back more control of my life and I wanted to learn new skills to support myself”

What exactly did you enjoy most about the experience? “Definitely learning new things and doing the challenges-it was exciting to discover the experiments each week, then being able to tackle them and complete them! Learning from other people in the discussions and breakout rooms, sharing & networking”

What was your main concern about enrolling at the start? “What if I can’t do it and let myself down and let others down?”

What do you feel the programme has taught you about your wellbeing? “That you can’t change yourself overnight and that it’s progress not perfection that matters. Doing the small changes will make a difference and change your life

What are three benefits you’ve experienced from the programme?My sleep is so much better now-created an exercise regime-I’m feeling that my mental resilience is getting stronger and feel I’m more calm in moments of high stress

How would you explain the programme to someone who hasn’t heard about it? “It helps us learn more about our self and improve our wellbeing, it’s an exciting programme!”

Recalibrate Wellbeing® Programme

Whether you are a business or organisation wanting to transform the wellbeing of your workforce, or an individual wishing to reach your health and fitness goals, this powerful wellbeing programme is tailored to suit all.

Contact our Wellbeing Team today to find out how the programme empowers individuals with the tools, resources and belief required to achieve sustainable change.