Interactive Health Kiosk FAQs

What is the Interactive Health Kiosk?

The Interactive Health Kiosk is a step-on piece of equipment that is used to give individuals the opportunity to gain invaluable insight into their health and overall wellbeing.

Will anyone else see my results?

No, your results are completely anonymous and confidential.  Your results will be printed from the machine directly, so only you can view them and if you have registered an account on the Health Kiosk, you can view them within your account and receive your results by email.

Is the Health Kiosk easy to use?

Yes, just step on the footplate at the base of the Health Kiosk and follow the on-screen instructions to complete your Health MOT!

Can I use the Health Kiosk on my own?

Yes you can use the Health Kiosk on your own as the onscreen instructions will guide you through each step of your Health MOT.

Why should I login/register on the Health Kiosk?

By creating a Wellbeing People Account, your metrics will be safely stored in one place, allowing you to track and monitor your health over time!  It also means you will receive an email with your Health MOT results and gives you access to further channels of support to help make positive lifestyle choices.

If I create an online account, can anyone else access my data?

No, it is completely confidential and only you have access by using your login details created within the registration process.

What happens if I forget my login details?

By following the instructions on the login page, click on Lost Account and a new password can be requested. *Please note that it may take up to 24 hours for your details to update on the Health Kiosk.

What happens if I don't register on the Health Kiosk?

Registration is not mandatory but your history will not be logged to view at a later date.  If you don’t register an account, you will not receive your Health MOT results and support channels by email, or be able to view your metrics online.   You will receive your Health MOT results via a printed slip from the Health Kiosk only.

Why have I not received my Health MOT results email?

This could be for a number of reasons; if you did not create an account with an email address your results will not be emailed. The email address you entered could be incorrect. Spelling mistakes are very common and must be checked to ensure your email entry is correct. If you have entered your email incorrectly you can go online and change it at If there is not sufficient 3G connectivity at the Health Kiosk location,  the email will not be received until a connection is regained.

Why have my results not printed?

It could be that the paper has run out or jammed. Please inform the Site Manager who will be able to refresh the paper or free the paper jam in the Health Kiosk. The Site Manager will carry keys to the Health Kiosk and spare paper rolls.

What should I do if I am concerned about my results?

The Health Kiosk is not a diagnostic device and should not be used as such; target figures are for guidance only. If you are concerned about your results, we suggest that you seek further advice from a healthcare professional such as a pharmacist, nurse, or doctor. (Please be aware that your health readings may vary during the day).

How can you guarantee anonymity and confidentiality?

Personal data can only be accessed by the user, via their login and password details which are encrypted.

How is the anonymous Health Kiosk data used?

The data from the Health Kiosk is used to create aggregated anonymous Health MOT reports.

What is Wellbeing Age®?

Wellbeing Age®is a programme that is accessed via the Health Kiosk.  Wellbeing Age® is unique algorithm used exclusively by Wellbeing People to measure longevity and optimal wellbeing.  It is calculated by cross referencing 5 evidence based wellbeing metrics to produce a bespoke score for you.  This enables you to better understand your own wellbeing.

How is Wellbeing Age® calculated?

It is calculated by cross-referencing smoking, blood pressure, heart rate, BMI and sleep. It captures objective metrics at the time you complete the snapshot assessment.  It is important to know that your Wellbeing Age® will be influenced by caffeine consumption, stress levels, illness and medication on the day of testing  Ensuring you are relaxed with a resting heart rate will give you the most accurate result.  For more details on Understanding your Wellbeing Age®

Recalibrate Wellbeing® Programme FAQs

What is the Recalibrate Wellbeing® Programme?

An easy to follow online wellbeing programme designed to integrate positive wellbeing habits into your everyday life and propel you towards your optimal wellbeing goals. You are guided through the programme either by a certified wellbeing coach via weekly Zoom meetings or self-guided through My Wellbeing People Account, our online learning platform. Starting with an introductory session or the prerecorded expectations video, you’ll complete the twelve weekly sessions with your allocated coach or online with learning videos as well as, live questions and answers, 1% progress experiments, recipes and bonus resources.

How do I get started?

The first step towards optimal wellbeing is to create an account via My Wellbeing People Account which can be accessed by the link provided to you by your employer, this will grant you full access to the online programme, video learning, questionnaires and resources.

How much time will the programme take and for how long?

The Introductory Webinar or Expectations Video is followed by 12 sessions that last 60 minutes. However, the online programme takes as much or as little time as you choose and My Wellbeing People Account includes resources, helpful downloads, video training, tips and email nudges.

How fit or healthy do I need to be to join the programme?

It doesn’t matter where you are at in terms of fitness or your own personal wellbeing journey. It also doesn’t matter what age or gender you are – the programme is designed to be all-inclusive and benefit everyone.

What are the benefits to me of joining the programme?

You will develop a foundation of positive wellbeing that enables you to thrive in your personal and professional life.  Small habit changes will result in significant improvements to your long-term wellbeing.

What happens if I miss a week?

All sessions, video learning and resources are accessible at your fingertips throughout the programme when logged into My Wellbeing People Account.

Do I need to complete the programme in order to benefit from it?

Yes. Completing all 12 sessions gives you the best all-round chance of succeeding in making positive lifestyle choices so you can live the best life for the longest. It also means that you are able to train as a Wellbeing Ambassador should you wish to do so. See below:

Is the programme confidential and what happens to my data?

The programme is completely confidential with your personal details being accessed only by you and not by your organisation. Your organisation will be able to see aggregated anonymous reporting which will help them determine the success of the wellbeing programme.

What happens when I have finished the 12 sessions?

First of all, you need to complete the programme by filling out the Completion Questionnaire. Once you complete the programme, you will still have access to the programme and the resources, as well as being able to view your health metrics. You may also like to consider becoming a Recalibrate Wellbeing® Ambassador for your organisation, to do so, all 12 sessions will need to be completed within My Wellbeing People Account.

What is a Recalibrate Wellbeing® Ambassador?

Recalibrate Wellbeing® Ambassadors are individuals that have shown a real interest in championing positive wellbeing within their organisation or community. The training to become an Ambassador provides enhanced communication skills and emotional intelligence which helps you to become a more effective leader, motivator, and communicator

What is the Wellbeing Community?

The Wellbeing Community is a private group on LinkedIn and Facebook and is a space for people to come together for inspiration, motivation and help. It is a great place to connect with like-minded people wanting to achieve the same goal of optimal mental, physical, and emotional wellbeing. The content is the same in both platforms so it is just your preference as to which you choose to use.