General FAQ's

What is Wellbeing?

Wellbeing is applicable to both our physical and mental health and is a term used to describe the healthy and happy state that we all aspire to! Wellbeing is important for the individual, for family, friends and colleagues and is a vital component that allows us all to thrive and prosper!

What is personal wellbeing?

Personal wellbeing describes a person’s state of mind, the relationship they have with the world around them and the fulfilment they get from everyday life. Our physical and mental health affects our ability to lead happy and fulfilling lives and that positive choices need to be made when it comes to maintaining a healthy mind and body.

How will employee wellbeing benefit my business?

Whether a large or small employer, staff costs are one of your biggest financial outgoings, so why wouldn’t you look after the wellbeing of one of your prized assets? As well as wanting your staff to feel valued at work, you want to avoid absences through sickness which leads to lost productivity and in turn valuable time through covering for absent employees or possibly even recruitment which can be a stressful and costly process! A small investment now, to prevent absences, can pay dividend to both your business and your employees.

What is Engaged Prevention®?

Engaged Prevention® is a unique concept which aims to empower the individual to make positive choices around their own health and wellbeing.

What should I be drinking and how can I stay hydrated?

All liquids help you stay hydrated. It is important that you consider the calories associated with some common beverages, as well as the diuretic effect of alcohol on the body. Keeping one’s body hydrated is essential, particularly when working in varied conditions and needing to concentrate for long periods of time. Drinking little and often throughout the day can help us keep alert and on track!

Do you supply any wellbeing products?

Yes! We have a selection of physical products such as stress balls, tummy tapes, pee charts, swiss balls and foam rollers…to name but a few! Take a look at the Wellbeing Products section on our website which lists all of our products!

What do your Health Fair Packages consist of?

Our Health Fairs Packages are built to suit your needs! We can take the pressure off the planning and running of your Health Fair or event from pre and post marketing, online booking systems and staffing, cholesterol and blood glucose testing to unique engagement tools such as our Health Kiosk, Smoothie Bike, Cyclo-ssage, workshops and much more!

Health Checks FAQ's

What does an Interactive Health Kiosk do?

Our Health Kiosk is an easy to use, non- invasive tool that measures your blood pressure, heart rate, body fat content, BMI, and weight as well as hydration and life balance through an on-screen questionnaire! You just follow the on screen instructions, relax and enjoy the experience! The health check only takes around 5 minutes! A print out of your results is discreetly delivered via the kiosk at the end of your session and your results emailed to you too! If you are a regular user of the kiosk, you can also set up an account with a unique user name and password for your own privacy and keep a track of your progress!

Where can I find the Interactive Health Kiosks?

Our kiosks are sited according to our schedule of work all over the UK and many of them are consistently on the move and generally commissioned by organisations for specific projects. However, there are two permanently sited kiosks which are free to use for the general public; one in Maidstone Gateway, Kent and the other is in Tunbridge Wells Gateway, Kent . To hire one of our Health Kiosks or to organise a Health Day where we will bring the Health Kiosk to your workplace to health check your staff, please give us a call or email!

What is Boomerang Life Balance?

In short, Boomerang is about the things you can’t discard! The Boomerang Life Balance questionnaire is a very simple way of analysing your life balance which is quick, easy, fun, engaging and confidential! It covers areas such as relaxation, sleep, exercise, diet, home and work life and much more, bringing together a simple graphic report which helps to identify areas that can be improved on!

Why should I take the Boomerang Life Balance questionnaire?

Completing the Boomerang Life Balance questionnaire helps you to identify areas of your life that can be improved upon for your own emotional and physical wellbeing. It allows you to view a snapshot of your life balance and helps you to put measures in place to support positive changes to your overall wellbeing.

What is Carbon Monoxide testing and why should I get tested?

Carbon Monoxide testing or Smokerlyzer is a breath carbon monoxide monitor used to determine levels of CO in your lungs! It is used as a motivational stop smoking aid by health professionals all over the world. The tests take just a few minutes by one of our trained health coaches and encourages staff to quit smoking and stay smoke free for good!

What is Lung Age testing and how does it work?

Lung Age testing detects early signs of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) which is a progressive disease of the airways characterised by a gradual loss of lung function, mainly caused by smoking! It works by calculating a predicted value from the individual’s height, age and gender and the forced expiratory volume in the first second of expiration as a percentage of the predicted value! From this, the individual’s equivalent lung age is calculated… considerably older for a heavy smoker than their chronological age!

Kiosk FAQ's

What is the Interactive Health Kiosk?

The Interactive Health Kiosk is an external resource used to monitor areas of cardiovascular health, weight management and lifestyle balance.

Will anyone else see my results?

No, your results are completely anonymous and confidential.

Is the Kiosk easy to use?

Yes, just follow the on screen instructions.

Can I use the Kiosk on my own?

Yes you can; the onscreen instructions will guide you through each step on your Health MOT.

Why should I login/register on the Kiosk?

Registration allows you to track and monitor your health over time. You will receive an email of your results and further channels of support to help make positive lifestyle choices.

If I register, can my account be seen by anyone?

No, it is completely confidential and only you have access by using your login details created within the registration process.

What happens if I forget my login details?

A new password can be requested online by following the instructions. *Please note that it may take up to 24 hours for your details to update on the Kiosk.

Do I have to register an account?

No, registration is not mandatory but your history will not be logged to view at a later date. You will not receive your Health MOT results and support channels by email when you do not register an account.

Why should I enter my email address in the Kiosk?

Your email will only be used to provide you with your results and support channels. You can use either a work or personal address.

Why have I not received my results email?

This could be for a number of reasons; if you did not create an account with an email address your results will not be emailed. The email address you entered could be incorrect. Spelling mistakes are very common and must be checked to ensure it is correct. If you have entered your email incorrectly you can go online and change it at If there is not sufficient 3G connectivity the email will not be received until a connection is regained.

Why have my results not printed?

It could be that the paper has run out or jammed. Please inform the Site Manager who will be able to refresh the paper or free the paper jam. The Site Manager will carry keys to the Kiosk and spare paper rolls.

What should I do if I am concerned about my results?

This machine is not a diagnostic device and should not be used as such; target figures are for guidance only. If you are concerned about your results, we suggest that you seek further advice from a healthcare professional such as a pharmacist, nurse or doctor. (Please be aware that your health readings may vary during the day).

How can you guarantee anonymity and confidentiality?

Personal data can only be accessed by the user, via their login and password details which our held in a 128bit encryption format.

How is the anonymous Kiosk data used?

The data from the Kiosk is used to create aggregated (anonymous) Health MOT reports.