Case Studies

Cholesterol screening helps to make positive lifestyle changes..

In this case the individual received a cholesterol test result he was unhappy with, leading him to take up a healthy eating and exercise regime that saw his health improve greatly.


The Wellbeing People team provided a gentleman, Paul, with a cholesterol test and he was told that the result was unfortunately close to being too high and posing a threat. Paul was concerned about the reading and decided to make life style changes in an attempt to lower his cholesterol for good and become healthier as a result.


One month later the Wellbeing People team went back to visit Paul’s company to carry out further testing and he asked if he could have a repeat cholesterol test to see if his diet and exercise regime had improved his cholesterol at all. He was amazed to see that his results had dropped into the normal bracket in just one month.

He was very pleased with his weight loss of four stone but his biggest surprise was the drop in his blood pressure, which had previously been high and a cause for concern. His body fat content had also reduced and there was a notable reduction in his BMI. His ‘My Mood’ App result had a big smile! Overall, the testing was a great success and resulted in dramatically improved health for Paul.

Paul’s Statement

“I changed my diet and have been very strict for the last few weeks: Breakfast: Bran Flakes – Lunch: Sardines on Wholemeal Melba Toast and for Dinner normally 2 chicken breasts with veg – no food after 7pm . In addition, I have been weight training 4 times a week and 2 doing cardio sessions a week in the form of 2x 1 hour football sessions. So in summary, loads of exercise, no sugary or fatty foods but plenty of fish and wholemeal foods , I was just watching calories but obviously improved my cholesterol at the same time”

Working towards a better, healthier future..

One of our health trainers has worked alongside a gentlemen to help and advise him with regards to making a change in his health. The individual was suffering a bereavement and had in turn, lost sight of his health. With our help, he managed to turn his lifestyle around and began looking towards a better, healthier future.


A health trainer first made contact with the client as a referral from the Health MOT Roadshow. A phone call with the individual unveiled that since his health check, the gentleman had made positive lifestyle changes which led to a weight loss and new exercise regime.

Next Steps

The client was so inspired by his health check, and motivated by some of the more negative results, that he was given the necessary push to make changes to his lifestyle. Before the health trainer’s meeting with the client to discuss his Health MOT results, he had already changed his eating habits, joined a slimming club and even began cycling and exercising with his own gym equipment at home.

The health trainer stepped in at this stage to offer her expert advice with regards to healthy eating and exercise, informing the client of the health recommendations/guidelines for good health. The health trainer also provided practical guidance on alcohol guidelines, making sure the client was aware of his reccommended daily unit intake.


During a traumatic period of the client’s life, attending the Wellbeing Bus for a health check provided him with the motivation to turn his life and health around.

Although the client had already made a drastic change by the time our health trainer got in contact with him, the advice we provided about the Eatwell Guide offered him even more knowledge to work from and influenced his lifestyle change further.

Since his Wellbeing Health MOT, the client has lost over 4 stone, and whilst our health trainer was not personally responsible for that progress, their meeting encouraged the gentleman even further. By meeting with the client, the health trainer was able to encourage him even further, whilst increasing his confidence and self-esteem by providing the recognition he deserved for all of his hard work.

Our Wellbeing Events Team offered their knowledge and services to Balfour Beatty

Wellbeing People delivered a Health and Wellbeing Day for Balfour Beatty in Grays, Essex. Three members of Wellbeing People’s Events team, Grant, Rikki and Jacob were there to set up, deliver and support staff for the whole day. Wellbeing People’s Interactive Health Kiosk was used for Balfour’s Health and Wellbeing Day with full support from the Events Team. The Health Kiosk was then left behind for one month for staff to use!

In addition to the Health Kiosk, Wellbeing People ran 6 workshops on ‘Stress and Resilience’ and ‘Five Ways to Wellbeing’ as well as delivering blood glucose and cholesterol testing! So in all, a full on day of health mot’s, blood tests and workshops!

Maggie Conway, Health and Safety Administrator for Balfour Beatty, emailed Wellbeing People the following day…

“Just to let you know that we had very positive feedback yesterday. For Grant’s workshops 144 attendees signed in and those I asked really enjoyed the workshops and felt they were thought provoking and could take something away with them. Probably not the easiest of groups to present to, particularly when people were walking in late, however do let him know about the positive feedback.

Jacob and Rikki, worked flat out and were so personable (I think the numbers were over 90) and as you may be aware Rikki advised one member of staff to go straight to the hospital due to his blood glucose level being so high. The hospital did various tests and the gentleman concerned was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes, so many thanks to Rikki and Jacob. I am sure the Health Kiosk will be very popular over the coming month”

The Interactive Health Kiosk is such an informative yet easy way to check the vital signs of the individual. In this case, Wellbeing People were able to help someone who was unaware of his illness and so help to prevent any further serious health issues.

Stress absence trends at a very high level!

Third party resilience training for Managers encourages them to open up


A London council was extremely concerned that their stress absence trends were at a very high level and that stress was the second highest reason for sickness absence – although staff had access to a range of support.

The Council decided to hold Resilience Training for managers using a third party service provider to carry out the training, on the basis that this would encourage managers to open up more fully than they might if an internal trainer conducted the course.

The courses were conducted over full or half days depending on the numbers involved and covered workshops defining stress, recognising stress in themselves and their teams and identifying the skills and tools available to help managers manage stress.


Three months following the workshops the absence trends analysis showed that absences due to stress had dropped to the 8th reason for absence and utilisation of the EAP service had risen.

Reduced risk of contracting diabetes and heart disease..

In this case the individual has decreased his risk of contracting diabetes and heart disease and reduced the likelihood of him having to take lengthy periods of sick leave


A major multi-national company has provided their staff with access to the Wellbeing People Health Kiosk for a number of years and has achieved good engagement with a wide variety.

At a recent ‘health day’ one participant made an appointment for a slot on the kiosk in the afternoon. When he arrived he had with him a battered copy of his previous readings from the last time the kiosk was onsite, some 12 months before. He wanted to use the kiosk again as he was ‘hoping to see some changes’ in his results as he had been shocked by his readings on the last visit and this had pushed him into making some life improvements.  of staff, ranging from clerical and admin to skilled and non skilled manual workers.He was very pleased with his weight loss of four stone but his biggest surprise was the drop in his blood pressure, which had previously been high and a cause for concern. His body fat content had also reduced and there was a notable reduction in his BMI. His ‘My Mood’ App result had a big smile!


The provisioning of the Health Kiosk by the employer is clearly welcomed by the employees and by having regular, consistent engagement, employees not only monitor their own health but take appropriate action to improve their health and wellbeing.

In this case the individual has decreased his risk of contracting diabetes and heart disease and reduced the likelihood of him having to take lengthy periods of sick leave.

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