Stress Awareness Month – April 2021 Posted by Natasha Mayhew on 31 March, 2021

Stress Awareness Month has been held since 1992 to increase public awareness about both the causes and cures for our modern stress epidemic. At Wellbeing People, we know that creating a culture of optimal wellbeing will help individuals manage personal stress levels in the workplace whilst forming an environment that will encourage your team to thrive!

Creating a culture of optimal wellbeing will happen via progress, not perfection! We have outlined our best tools that will support your employees with stress and support them to be the best versions of themselves, both in and out of the workplace!  

The Recalibrate Wellbeing® Programme teaches people how to upgrade their mindset, nutrition, movement and lifestyle habits in an easy-to-follow 12 session process that fits into even the busiest of lives. Conscious choices and consistent implementation support significant improvements for our health and wellbeing. Our winning formula is simplicity – we believe it’s the small things you do every day that result in life changing long-term transformations. 

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This eye-opening workshop highlights the impact our lifestyle habits can have on our mental health. This will enable individuals to discover the scale between mental illness and mental fitness whilst learning empowering actions that can improve their resilience and manage their stress levels. 

  • During this workshop, delegates will learn useful tricks and tips for developing their mental fitness and resilience. 
  • Understand the biological impact too much stress has on our wellbeing. 
  • Discover the difference between internal, external, and acute stressors. 
  • Experience a traditional mindfulness session, and additional resilience practices 

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This webinar is designed to help managers effectively support their team by creating an environment that helps them to manage stress and achieve optimal wellbeing. Managers will leave with powerful take-away actions whilst feeling empowered, positive and action-focused. 

This webinar will encourage leaders to lead by example 
and inspire teams by: 

  • Understanding the 3 steps to sustainable wellbeing cultures 
  • Raising awareness of how optimal wellbeing prevents mental, physical, and emotional pain 
  • Exploring the crucial difference between empathy and sympathy 

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Did you know that high blood pressure can be a key indicator that you may be struggling with stress?

The Interactive Health Kiosk is an invaluable tool to check the health of your workforce, community, organisation or individual. The Health Kiosk is portable, quick, easy to use, and delivers immediate confidential results. The Health Kiosk is versatile, functional, far-reaching and most of all engaging!  A great tool if you are planning a stress-free return to the office in the coming months.  

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