Mental Health Awareness Vlog Posted by Justine Clarabut on 19 May, 2020

To help raise awareness during Mental Health Awareness Week (18th to 25th May 2020), our vlog looks at how we can reduce the stress and anxiety caused by trying to be everything to everyone…

Our social media culture has significantly developed over recent years, where many of us remain connected 24 hours a day. This can have a negative impact on our mental health with increased levels of anxiety, depression, poor sleep and lack of self-esteem.

Drop FOMO for JOMO!

JOMO  (the Joy of Missing Out), is about enjoying what we’re doing in the present moment without worrying about what others are doing or saying. JOMO encourages us to embrace what we want to do, enabling us to feel more fullfilled and engaged. On the other hand, FOMO (the Fear of Missing Out) can leave us feeling completely depleted and overwhelmed as we try to do too much, which can be most detrimental to our mental health and wellbeing.

So embrace JOMO, turn off notifications and be choosey about which channels you want to be available on! Watch our vlog below to find out more!

“You can do anything but you can’t do everything”
David Allen

The undeniable message that this pandemic has highlighted, is that as a nation we are not prioritising optimal wellbeing. 

A major change of any kind naturally instigates self-reflection, which can be an uncomfortable place for many.  Some people are understandably fearful about Coronavirus, others are experiencing low moods, physical stiffness, anxiety, loneliness and self-sabotaging behaviours. The undeniable message the pandemic has highlighted is that, as a nation, we are not prioritising optimal wellbeing.  Furthermore, it is apparent that we’ve never actually been taught how to optimise our physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

We have developed a new Wellbeing Webinar topic, A Pro-active Approach to the ‘New Norm’ which addresses the fear, anxiety and worry that many have in the new world that we are living in, and provides ways to help you cope with and prepare for the new world we are living in. Find out more here…

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