Natural Connections – Vlog 16 Posted by Justine Clarabut on 7 May, 2020

To continue wth our Optimal Wellbeing Series, we have been looking at the 3 key cornerstones of wellbeing; natural food, natural movement and natural connection. In today’s vlog, we discuss the importance of natural connection..

The number one skill that we can all acquire is learning how to listen to people when they are talking to us. This is a crucial skill to develop and maintain productive relationships and demonstrate that we are paying attention to the thoughts, feelings and actions of the other person.

Listening is key to all effective communication and helps people understand others better, builds trust and makes others feel important.

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Connecting whilst social distancing

With the uncertainty of how we are currently living and the restrictions lockdown and social distancing has placed on us all, it is hard to naturally communicate with our relatives, friends and colleagues. However, although video calls are not a natural way to communicate, it does give us the opportunity to connect with others and hopefully, the same sense that we can give others 100% of our attention.

Make that call and be the person who empowers someone else to feel good.

Wellbeing People’s mission is to help others live their best life. We have developed our Wellbeing Workshops into online webinars which cover a wide range of topics. We have also created new topics around coping with social distancing, working from home and how to approach the new norm.

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