Morning Mobility – Vlog 15 Posted by Justine Clarabut on 29 April, 2020

In the last couple of vlogs in our Optimal Wellbeing Series, we have been looking at the 3 key cornerstones of wellbeing; natural food, natural movement and natural connection.

Today we look at morning mobility! We explain how important movement is and that setting yourself up for the day with a short warm up and stretching routine will help to support your joints, avoid lower back pain, enhance detoxification and boost your immune system.

Who needs a gym?

With the help of home and garden furniture and equipment, you can do a short workout that helps you to keep mobile, with good posture and less risk of joint and lower back problems.

Pip shows you how in our latest Morning Mobility vlog…

Being in lockdown gives us the chance to learn new healthy habits

We are all experiencing lockdown measures that have restricted our usual way of living and in particular, how we exercise. Or even how we might view exercise! Situations where we are not able to move as much could cause us potential health problems. So finding ways to build mobility into your lifestyle, even if in a small space, is paramount to keeping fit and well. We believe that learning new skills that are repeated on a daily or regular basis, will become a good habit that will stand you in good stead now and beyond lockdown!

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