progress not perfection

Progress not perfection – Vlog 5 Posted by Justine Clarabut on 24 March, 2020

In Vlog 5 of our Optimal Wellbeing series, we focus on our key mantra ‘progress not perfection’…

When looking at changing something in our life, such as losing weight, doing more physical exercise, improving our mental fitness, sleeping better and so on – we often will try to do everything all at once! We overload ourselves with a huge to-do list which only leads to feelings of being overwhelmed or we go into overdrive mode and crash things off our to-do lists with little thought, breath or attention. Wellbeing People’s mantra ‘progress not perfection’ is about 1% progress experiments that help you to focus on that one thing each week and really embed it into your life to enable you to make changes.

What one thing or habit will you change this week? Watch our vlog to find out more…

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