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Company announcement Posted by Justine Clarabut on 12 September, 2019


After 14 years Wellbeing People has broken away from its parent company, Water Wellbeing Ltd, and merged with DayOne Wellness bringing an exciting new coaching element to the business.

Wellbeing People has been a hugely successful division of Water Wellbeing Ltd delivering wellbeing programmes and services to organisations and communities throughout the UK. In August 2019, Water Wellbeing Ltd was bought out by Culligan UK Ltd, generating the timely separation of Wellbeing People.

Following the separation, Ben McGannan, Managing Director, is now able to completely focus on Wellbeing People Ltd.

Through investment in growth, Wellbeing People Ltd has expanded its team with the recruitment of 5 new account managers.  This investment has enabled an office restructure, the installation of more efficient operating systems and the opening of a new office in London! 

However, the expansion and development doesn’t stop at operational and staff changes. A new board of Directors and merger brings additional wellbeing concepts and an increased energy to the company!  Pip Lawrence, co-founder of DayOne Wellness, has been appointed as one of the new Directors of Wellbeing People Ltd.  DayOne Wellness’ signature programme Recalibrate Wellbeing® supports individuals to upgrade their nutrition, exercise and lifestyle habits one step at a time. 

Ben’s own experience with DayOne Wellness was positively life changing. 

After completing the 12 week Recalibrate Wellbeing® programme, Ben realised that DayOne and Wellbeing People combined could change the world of wellbeing.  Ben said “I believe that changing behaviours and attitudes to the way we live, both at home and at work, is the catalyst to leading a healthier life.  Merging with DayOne Wellness enables Wellbeing People to offer a complete and long- lasting wellbeing solution that will transform lives”

Wellbeing People will continue to serve its customers with the same exceptional service it has delivered since its inception 14 years ago. 

Following the new merger, Wellbeing People’s main objective is to bring positive transformation to the wellbeing of individuals, businesses and communities. This is and will be achieved by delivering wellbeing programmes, coaching and initiatives that not only work but last.

The featured image was taken from an event that Wellbeing People and DayOne Wellness were working together on. DayOne Wellness has now merged with Wellbeing People and will cease to trade as DayOne Wellness.