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Implementing effective measures to reduce stress in the workplace Posted by Justine Clarabut on 26 March, 2019

A recent mental health study showed that 3 out of 4 Britons have felt overwhelmed by stress during the last year. The impact of such stress is hugely detrimental to our wellbeing; it can result in serious mental health issues leaving one in three people suffering from stress to feeling suicidal.

No-one is immune to stress – it is a normal part of our lives. Even the happiest of people will have stress.  The initial stage of stress is ‘fight or flight’ which is the body’s way of coping with a stressful situation. If you don’t keep your stress levels in check; the short-term gain of allowing high stress levels to drive you will ultimately be detrimental to your health and wellbeing.

There are more working days lost due to stress than for any other single reason

Wellbeing People believe it is hugely important for individuals, businesses and organisations to gain knowledge in order to identify the symptoms of stress not only in themselves but in others too, and in order to maintain wellbeing, noticing what makes us stressed will help us to to deal with it.

April is stress awareness month!

Awareness is about highlighting important factors in our lives. This gears us with the knowledge and power to make necessary changes. Introducing wellbeing workshops into the workplace is an effective way to help employees recognise the symptoms of stress. This enables employees to learn how they can achieve positive lifestyle changes. Management training is vital too; an efficiently run workplace is rarely remarked upon but an inefficient one can be the cause of much stress. Giving managers the knowledge and skills to develop personal resilience and coping strategies when dealing with stress, will not only benefit themselves but their team too

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Have the right resources in place

Carrying out stress risk assessments to identity workplace stressors, and introducing a stress policy, shows employees that a business is committed to protecting their health, safety and welfare. Bring together a Health and Safety Committee to oversee monitoring of the efficacy of the policy and other measures to reduce stress and promote workplace health and safety. Confidential counselling services for staff affected by stress are also invaluable, not only for the employee but for the employer too. Counselling can be via a 24 hour telephone help line or physical visits. Ensure that good communication channels are in place between management and staff, particularly where there are organisational and procedural changes.

Wellbeing People deliver a variety of wellbeing workshops and mental health programmes to businesses and organisations. It is easy, we will organise, market and deliver your entire event for you. E-invites, posters and flyers generate interest amongst employees; a booking system online will make the registration to workshops simple; and we will take care of the entire delivery of the event. Workshops bring fresh new ideas and thinking to a group of people and equips them with new skills to make positive and effective changes to their lives. Workshops help to renew motivation and confidence as well as providing employers with essential feedback.