Wellbeing isn’t just about getting fit.. Posted by Justine Clarabut on 7 December, 2018

I am near to completing a 12 week ‘recalibrate your wellbeing’ course which has covered the four main areas of wellbeing:  mindset, movement, nutrition and resilience.  By way of a gradual habitual process that has naturally become part of my everyday life, and without too much thought or effort, positive changes, both physically and mentally have happened!  This led me to look up the word, habit, and I have pleasingly found the definition to be exactly what I was experiencing – a routine or behaviour that is repeated regularly – almost subconsciously!

Feeling better

The journey of wellbeing recalibration has also been taken by two of my colleagues.  Interestingly, each of our reasons being very different and not just about wanting to get fit or lose weight.  My reasons for wanting to ‘recalibrate my wellbeing’ were about slowing down my pace of life and relaxing more, enabling me to de-stress and sleep better.  Pain management was also a big consideration of mine; strengthening my core mainly, to support my back and give my arthritic spine a rest!  When I asked Jo and Zoe (my colleagues) what they wanted to achieve from the course, they both replied that they wanted to feel better – not merely about losing weight, eating healthier food or increasing their exercise but simply to feel better!  It made me question whether ‘feeling better’ sums up wellbeing as a whole; incorporating all elements of what actually makes us feel good, healthy and well!

Progress not perfection

The course, run by DayOne Wellness, is aimed to help people lead healthier and happier lives by creating tenable change without too much pressure on what is, so often, already their busy lifestyles!  DayOne’s moto is ‘progress not perfection’ which is a refreshing approach, enabling goals to be reachable, and achievable.

Goal setting is paramount to get to where you want to be and making your goals realistic is just as important, enabling a positive and motivated mindset.  My colleague, Jo, said “ It’s not just about hitting goals (or failing),  Sara [DayOne coach] has helped me get into a much better and more positive mind set about myself and my wellbeing” and Zoe also expressed “I feel so much better equipped to get to where I want to be”

Resisting change

With the end of the course now in sight, and I still have more to learn, I know that ‘feeling better’ is my driver to maintaining good physical and mental wellbeing and forming good habits is essential to fulfilling my goals.  At the beginning of this process, I knew that I was the barrier to creating personal changes.  It has taken a little while to break through but I can honestly say that this process has enabled me to demolish my walls of resistance and embrace a complete feeling of wellbeing.


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