Breaking down the barrier to make positive wellbeing changes Posted by Justine Clarabut on 6 September, 2018

I have embarked on a journey, a journey of self-discovery, or so I hope!  When my partner met Pip Lawrence at DayOne Wellness, his determination to improve his own fitness and wellbeing was one of immediate action, followed by obsession! His driving force being he wants to be fitter at 60 than he is at 50!  Mock I should not, he has lost over a stone in weight in about 4 months and, in terms of wellbeing, has become a completely different person!  Even on holiday, he was so determined to keep to his morning fitness regime, we booked a villa with a mini gym!  And on top of the increase in physical activity, he has embraced a healthier diet which includes eating a rainbow – a colourful array of foods for each meal!

I have been convinced that I personally don’t need to improve my fitness … my step count averages 15k a day and incorporates a variety of physical movements – walking, shovelling, sweeping, horse riding and so on – I have a low heart rate and my BMI is in the ideal range, BUT, my work life balance is terrible and my time management poor; I stress too much and my sleep quality is not desirable!  In addition, I hate to say it, arthritis is creeping into many joints in my body causing quite a bit of pain, which I have chosen to ignore the best I can, taking ibuprofen and hoping it will go away!

So with all this in mind, and after being faced daily with my partner’s new profound wellness regime, I decided to discuss my wellbeing at home – and now, having initially fought the whole ‘improve my wellbeing’ bit, I booked a ‘health check’ session with DayOne Wellness. Pip, co- founder and owner, was wonderful, she immediately made me feel comfortable and at ease. We had an initial health check assessment and my physical scores were excellent!  Great!  I’m physically fit and my mobility not too bad at all. I didn’t need this after all! However, she didn’t stop there and, sure enough, my work life balance, stress levels, sleep and painful joints were indeed in need of a bit of help! Pip asked me what was the biggest barrier to preventing me improving these areas of my life and without much thought, I replied “me – I am the barrier!”

I left the gym feeling positive and encouraged!

Pip emailed me with our findings and how DayOne Wellness can help me.  It made it real and made it possible, it was the first step to improving my, rather out of control and hectic life! I recognised my stubbornness and closed mind, and began the process of breaking down my barriers, admitting to myself that I would benefit from the help.

I have made the first step in making positive changes to my life and I’m now signed up to the 12 week programme…


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