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What Does Wellbeing Actually Mean? Posted by Mila Taylor on 20 July, 2018

Wellbeing [ noun ] –  the state of being comfortable, healthy or happy.  This is what the Oxford English Dictionary defines as wellbeing, but what does that actually mean?


The short answer is… well, there is no short answer! What one person feels is their perfect state of wellbeing may be completely different from another person, which stands to reason as we all have different goals, ambitions and personalities. Each aspect of being comfortable, healthy and happy also has many different facets that can be taken subjectively.

For example, the English Oxford Dictionary ’s definition mentions happiness, but wellbeing as a concept is much broader than this and has been debated since the Third Century BC when Philosopher Aristotle came up with the concept of Eudaimonia – the contented state of feeling healthy, happy and prosperous. Even though happiness is an integral part of your personal wellbeing it includes other things such as the fulfillment of long-term goals, your sense of purpose and how in control you feel in life.

The world we live in is complex so understanding the requirement of wellbeing and the factors that influence a state of wellbeing, whether as an individual, community or nation, helps us to work together to improve our lives.


There are five key areas to improving your wellbeing that have been identified:

Connect – talk and listen to others and always live in the moment.

Be active – do what you can and enjoy what you do.

Take notice – remember the simple things that give you joy.

Keep learning – embrace new experiences and seek new opportunities.

Give – give people your time, your words and your presence.


Wellbeing People run an inspiring and informative workshop on the ‘Five Ways to Wellbeing’ that delves deeper into these five subjects, and through interaction with one of our Lifestyle Coaches can really help you understand what wellbeing means to you.  For more information, click here.

We like the following quotes which we think explains the meaning of wellbeing very simply…

“Health is a state of body.  Wellness is a state of being”  J.Stanford

“Wellness is the complete integration of body, mind and spirit.  The realisation that everything we do, think, feel and believe has an effect on our wellbeing”  Greg Anderson