A healthy Christmas office party… really? Posted by Wellbeing People on 6 December, 2017

Wellbeing People know that keeping healthy throughout the whole year is paramount for an individual’s wellbeing but can you really stay healthy during the Christmas Party season, particularly the notoriously perilous Office Christmas Party?

It is not just the harmful effects that excessive alcohol consumption can bring but also the vast amount of calories that are consumed too, not to mention the blushes and embarrassment the following day from inappropriate alcohol induced behaviour!   So how can we let our hair down and enjoy the parties without doing too much harm to our health and saving ourselves from awkward moments and gossip the following day?   We’ve put together some ideas below..

Eat well

Drinking on an empty stomach makes you drunk much faster as alcohol is absorbed twice as quickly if you haven’t eaten beforehand!  It also leads to temporary dehydration because of excessive urination and lack of feelings of thirst and can encourage snacking on unhealthy food after you’ve had a few drinks. Eat foods that digest slowly – a good balance of foods high in protein, good fats and fibre are digested slower!  Avocados are great as they contain healthy fats that digest slower than carbs.  Fibre rich foods are also absorbed slowly – a bowl of fibre rich cereal and milk will do the trick!  Foods high in amino acids and antioxidants will also help to break down the bad effects of alcohol – such as eggs and blueberries (maybe not eaten together!)  And finally, alcohol depletes your body’s vitamin B-12 levels so eat foods rich in B vitamins, such as salmon!

Keep hydrated

Don’t start your evening dehydrated!  Regularly sipping from a bottle of water is a good way to keep hydrated throughout the day!  (Aim to drink about 1.5 litres during the day!)  Another good tip is to drink water in between each alcoholic drink  as this will help prevent you becoming dehydrated and from drinking too much alcohol!  However, it will not stop you from getting drunk!

Pace yourself and get dancing! 

If you are beginning to feel you have had a few too many, then stop!  Get on the dance floor…  a great way to burn off calories and keep you away from the booze!  Nothing beats a good dance at the office Christmas party!

Take care! Accidents can happen..

Accidents or injuries increase between two to five times from drinking five-seven units. This is equivalent to 2-3 pints of beer. (Reference Drinkaware).

Further reading…

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Reference: Drinkaware / Top Health News /  Mens Health