Essential nutrition tips this festive season! Posted by Wellbeing People on 27 November, 2017

Most people don’t just over-eat on Christmas Day but throughout the whole festive season!  

Eating healthily at this time of year is so hard as it is too easy to overindulge.  It is all too easy to do with delicious and tempting offerings that surround us in shops, cafes, Christmas markets, office parties and social occasions.  And that’s not to mention alcohol too!  However, we certainly don’t wish to dampen the party spirit and are all for letting your hair down and having fun. 

We have put together a few ‘essential nutrition tips’ to help your body (and mind!) survive the Christmas build-up and support your immune system to avoid being susceptible to common illnesses.

Water – keep hydrated

Whether you need to focus your mind on work, give yourself the energy to go late-night shopping, keep your skin in good condition through wind, rain and late nights or recover from over-indulging at a Christmas party, staying hydrated is the key. Sip water regularly throughout the day, drink water when drinking alcohol and be alert to the signs of mild dehydration – thirst, lack of concentration, drowsiness.

Minerals – fight those nasty colds!

Eating a varied and balanced diet will help to keep you energised and healthy but minerals are a key nutrient, specifically zinc, iron and selenium. There is no evidence that drastically increasing mineral intake will improve your defence against illness but there is evidence to suggest that a mineral deficiency may reduce your immunity.  Also, a lack of iron can you leave you feeling tired and drained so including meat, whole-wheat, dark green leafy vegetables and brazil nuts in your diet may just give you the boost you need to beat the crowds of Christmas shoppers.

Vitamins – support your immunity

As with minerals there is no evidence that drastically increasing vitamin intake will improve your immunity but again a deficiency may make you more susceptible to illness. Vitamin C is often linked with immunity but it is only one of a handful of nutrients that support your immune system. Vitamins A and E are important for immunity while B vitamins will help to keep you feeling energised and able to concentrate. Eggs, nuts, seeds, dairy and fruit will help you to get the vitamins you need.

Fibre – feel light and energised

A diet that includes plenty of fruit and vegetables, nuts and wholegrain foods will be high in fibre and helps to keep your digestive system healthy. An inefficient digestive system can leave you feeling uncomfortable and sluggish so a high fibre diet will help to keep you light and energised.

Probiotics – support your digestive system

Friendly bacteria in the digestive system are increasingly recognised as being vital for general health and wellbeing. As well as helping to keep the digestive system healthy, probiotics also support the immune system. With an abundance of rich food at this time of year it is perhaps more important than ever to look after your digestion.

Remember! These invaluable nutrition tips will help you to eat well, keep hydrated and drink alcohol sensibly and you can still have fun and enjoy this Christmas Season but at the same time looking after your health! 

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