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Health Fair checklist! Posted by Wellbeing People on 30 October, 2017

Running a Health Fair highlights the importance of good health and wellbeing to employees and individuals.

Are you confused about the many different wellbeing activities and health screenings that you can have at your health fair?  To make things simple we have come up with a list of things you need to do and think about in order to plan your health fair or wellbeing event?

Step 1 

  • Establish goals and objectives
  • Form a planning committee or wellbeing group for your health fair
  • Promote your ideas to senior/line managers to get their ‘buy in’
  • Select a date and timings – think about reaching all employees i.e. distribution and field staff may be out on the road; and avoid holiday seasons when many members of staff may be out of the office.
  • Which locations/depots/sites  – maybe you will deliver a number of health fairs at different sites?
  • Set a budget!

Step 2

  • Establish a theme for your event – maybe tie it in with a health awareness day?
  • What wellbeing activities and health screening services would you like?
  • How many employees do you have and factor in how they can all benefit from the health fair day i.e. look at time it takes to health screen one employee and work out if you are able to health screen all your employees?   For example, blood glucose and cholesterol testing can cater for up to 80 screenings in one day.
  • Where will each activity or health screening take place – think of busy areas for engaging employees in wellbeing activities and quieter areas for massage, relaxation, workshops and one to one health screening.
  • Think about providing healthy snacks, fresh fruit and water to encourage good nutrition and good hydration
  • Book your wellbeing event!

Step 3

  • Promote the event to your employees!  Posters, flyers, e-invites are all great ways to promote your wellness day.
  • Set up a booking system for employees to book their appointments.
  • Get ready to deliver your wellbeing day, wellness week or health fair!

Step 4

  • It is always good to reflect on how successful your event has been – reports can help by providing vital information about the health of your workforce as well as how engaging your health fair was and to understand key areas to target in your wellbeing strategy.
  • Look at long term health initiatives and ongoing health maintenance programmes.

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