Workplace Wellbeing Charter

Kent Healthy Business Awards Posted by Wellbeing People on 6 February, 2017

Improving work environments across the county

Workplace wellbeing guidelines provide employers with the opportunity to maximise the efficiency of their workforce by putting regulations and procedures in place that aim to improve staff morale and in turn increase productivity and efficiency.

Following a rigorous accreditation process in accordance with the National Workplace Wellbeing Charter assessment criteria, Wellbeing People are delighted to have achieved the Kent Healthy Business Award and Workplace Wellbeing Charter.

This award demonstrates that our business projects a forward thinking approach to cascading wellbeing practices throughout our organisation and that we are committed to such practices.

During our assessment, each of our policies were examined, including: Leadership, attendance management, health and safety, mental health and wellbeing, smoking, physical activity, healthy eating, alcohol and substance misuse and environment. The results for each area of our business were awarded the level of Commitment, demonstrating that Wellbeing People have the correct policies and procedures in place to provide a suitable and well-organised working environment.

First launched in 2014 by Kent County Council, the Kent Healthy Business Award is based on The Workplace Wellbeing Charter National Award for England. The award process aims to improve work environments across the county and strives to help maximise productivity within the workplace by ensuring that staff members remain safe and healthy.