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Workplace Wellbeing Charter

The Workplace Wellbeing Charter has become a recognised part of what is expected from a business in the workplace and the standards that they should meet. It can be used by a company to show commitment to the health and wellbeing of the people they employ, and it provides employers with a simple straightforward guide on how to improve your workplace.

What is the Workplace Wellbeing Charter?

In any business, keeping your workforce motivated, happy and present at work is crucial to ensure they can continue to remain productive and make a significant contribution to the success of the company.

The Workplace Wellbeing Charter is a set of industry standards that a business should aim to maintain at all times, and it was created to provide employers with a clear guide on how to make workplaces a supportive and productive environment in which employees can flourish.

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The primary aim of the charter is to boost productivity amongst the workforce whilst helping to reduce staff sickness and reduce employee turnover. It contains a basic entry level which should be attainable for almost all businesses without significant financial investment. The charter also acts as a useful checklist that a business can tick off in order to achieve a happier and more efficient workplace.

The beauty of the charter is that it is applicable to any business, regardless of industry or size. The standards look to improve a business in all areas, but with a focus on three key principles; leadership, culture and communication.

What are the benefits of the Workplace Wellbeing Charter?

There is a growing school of thought that suggests there are huge financial benefits to a business that understands and takes care of its employees. Without a focus on the wellbeing of staff, there can be examples of a sickness epidemic sweeping through an office, or employees choosing to move on in favour of pastures new. Ultimately it is in the interest of everyone involved in business to monitor the health and wellbeing of staff members - according to the Office of National Statistics, over 131 million working days are lost due to staff absences every year. The value of focusing on workforce health to a business cannot be underestimated.

There are a number of benefits that the Workplace Wellbeing Charter can bring to a company. The standards it provides help businesses put the building blocks in place to actively encourage a positive lifestyle and advise in addressing staff health issues. One of the biggest benefits of adding a level of organisation to internal standards can be the engagement and participation of the workforce themselves, who are often keen to sample any significant changes and voice their opinion.

It is also worth noting that the public will take note of your actions as well. Demonstrating your commitment to operating a business that ensures its employees benefit the best practice of health, safety and wellbeing in the workplace can lead to a boost in your reputation, even assisting in generating more business and developing your infrastructure. You can also use the charter as an opportunity to show you are compliant with current laws and regulations, if they are relevant to your business.

While money is important in driving significant change and supporting the needs of a workforce, smaller businesses with a lower budget can still implement these standards - just on a reduced scale.

For these small or medium-sized businesses, any wellbeing strategy that lacks longevity or significance can lead to low workforce morale and high employee turnover, which will have a detrimental effect on your financial figures and ultimately profits. 

What is involved in taking part?office handshake

Here at Wellbeing People, we recognise that it can be difficult to develop and implement your own personalised strategy for the health and wellbeing of your workforce. The Workplace Wellbeing Charter takes the pressure off business owners who are struggling to create their own individual plan of action by signing up to a universal code of conduct. 

Employers can sign up via an online self-assessment tool to discover which areas they are improving on and which areas they potentially need to review going forward. Using the Workplace Wellbeing Charter, businesses of any size that employ staff can start to demonstrate their commitment to the health and wellbeing of those staff members.

The charter is provided in three separate levels - commitment, achievement and excellence. Each of these contains different standards that need to be fulfilled, and it is likely that most of them will be relevant to your business or industry. To find out more about each of these levels in more detail, click here to view a copy of the Workplace Wellbeing Charter.

Health and wellbeing at work is hugely important for both the employees and the employer. Having a positive, healthy workforce can be the difference between a business that is just ticking over, and a business turning huge profits whilst growing year on year.

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