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Posture and Workstation Solutions

Wellbeing at work


Musculoskeletal issues and Work Related Upper Limb Disorders are the largest contributors to absence from work, costing employers a fortune every year both financially and in lost productivity. 

Posturite has, for over 20 years been working with many of the UK’s leading employers providing workstation assessments and a huge selection of curative accessories from keyboards and mice to active seating.


Reasonable Adjustment

Posturite’s new Reasonable Adjustment Service is a natural extension of their existing services – clearly reflecting the ever increasing number of employees and customers we meet who have complex or multiple health issues.

Many UK businesses don’t have the expertise or resources to deal with complex cases of staff absence using existing internal resources. This invariably leads to HR staff devoting time and effort into commissioning services and products to resolve a case that requires no more than
modifications to a workstation or some remedial Physiotherapy.


Workstation Assessments

Each year Posturite carries out more workstation assessments than any other company in the UK. They provide sound, practical advice to help ensure that you and your colleagues are able to work safely, comfortably and productively.


DSE Advice

It’s not only people who wear hard hats and steel-capped boots who face health risks at work, computer users also need to be protected. Posturite will advise on the simple precautions that need to be taken to help you meet DSE regulations and protect the health of your staff.



  • Ergonomic Chairs
  • Ergonomic Keyboards and Mice
  • Height Adjustable Desks
  • Work Station Accessories
  • Posture and Body Supports


Wellbeing at work“Working with Posturite is very much a partnership rather than simply a service provider. I have a dedicated and extremely professional Account Manager, who addresses the odd issue that arises from time to time in an efficient and timely manner. He takes ownership of problems and sees them through to an      appropriate conclusion ensuring I’m kept in the loop along the way.”

Keith, SLA Manager, Steria


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