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Thinking about planning a health & wellbeing event?
See how Wellbeing People can help you plan the perfect event.

Online Booking System & Event Analysis

Manage bookings and events with our online appointment booking system. ‘My Session’ can be branded for your event or organisation: A calendar is created based on the number of days required and the number of resources available to be booked.

The resources are named, along with their location and can range from equipment to personnel, making the system available for interviews with HR, through to booking time slots on equipment.

Event Analysis

It is vital throughout a wellbeing programme that an organisation understands the value it is delivering. We report on all aspects of the process, from individuals receiving a measure of their vital signs over time, to complete management reports delivered after events. Wellbeing Education

What Next?

We’re constantly searching for new innovative ways to incorporate wellbeing into everyday life, take a look at our blog posts or give us a call and see how you can too!