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Kiosk Events, Reporting and Referral Pathways 

It is vital throughout a wellbeing programme that an organisation understands the value of what it is delivering. We report on all aspects of the process, from individuals receiving a measure of their vital signs over time, to complete management reports delivered after events or rental periods. 



After each mobile health check event or rental period, an anonymised management report is generated. Reports are carefully analysed and suggestions made by the Wellbeing People team.

Further ‘drill down’ and comparison reports can be created over time if a kiosk is on site for longer periods and anonymised user analysis to track trends such as weight loss or reduced blood pressure can be provided.


Interactive health kiosk

Referral Pathways

Building new and strengthening existing referral pathways is crucial to the success of any health and wellbeing programme.

We work closely with organisations to ensure that the journey from initial mobile health check engagement to final outcome maximises the potential to improve the health and wellbeing of the individual, by identifying need and marrying it up to an appropriate intervention, whilst seeking to support the individual through to a positive measurable outcome.


Interactive health kiosk


  • Anonymous Tracking
  • Evidence Based Intervention
  • Trend Analysis
  • Multiple Site Reporting
  • Bespoke Demographics
  • Personalised Referral Pathways

What Next?

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