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iPledge Photo Booth

 ipledge photo boothCreate a real buzz at your event with the unique iPledge Photo Booth: The booth is a real crowd pleaser! Take your photo, make a pledge and take away your goal to share with others. 

The booth is fun for all ages with simple touchscreen prompts, Big Brother style chair and backdrop, props and fast photo printing facility. Visit the booth alone or with a crowd - the choice is yours... there is only one rule - set a wellbeing goal and pledge to share it with the world!


Share Your Goals

Goal setting is used by athletes, businesses and people in all walks of life. Setting goals gives you vision and motivation, both long and short term. It focuses your knowledge and helps you to plan your time and resources so that you can get the most out of life. Sharing goals is vital to success; iPledge makes this easy. Why not create an iPledge ‘wall’ and pin all the pledges in one place as a reminder of the day!


Make a Pledge...

  • Get comfortable, add some props and find your best smile
  • Press the capture button and countdown from three
  • Select your picture or take it again if you are not happy with it
  • Enter your pledge on the touchscreen keyboard
  • Add your email address
  • Now print your iPledge to share with your friends

The iPledge Photo Booth prints a photo with your goal printed below (6”x4”) and sends an email with the photo to the address given.


  • Health Fairs
  • Engagement Days
  • Fast and Fun
  • Take Away Photo
  • Goal Setting Tool




 ipledge photo booth

What Next?

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