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Happiness Workshops

Happiness WorkshopsEnduring happiness and sustained motivation are directly proportional to one another. Positivity in the workplace creates increased levels of engagement which brings about better productivity, greater ownership and a willingness to perform tasks to the best of the individual’s ability. Pride grows and people and their teams become more energised to find solutions, celebrate success, reduce errors and to bounce back with a passion to succeed.

Sounds good doesn’t it?

Get Some ‘Happy’...

If you want a motivated workforce then you must focus on the subject of happiness. Embrace what happiness actually is and how to enable it at work without subscribing to the mumbo jumbo, psycho-babble you might associate with this subject. Based on scientific research and presented in practical ways, our happiness workshop gives individuals the time to consider their current self and to construct the most appropriate and beneficial ways of engaging with people.


Learn the practicalities of being happy and understand the issues that take us away from our desires. Consider the genetic inheritance of happiness and how our circumstances may affect our journey. Finally make choices on how you can maximise your happiness and help others with theirs.

The happiness workshops are scientifically grounded, pragmatically applied, uplifting and all possible – if you dare to choose!




  • Enduring Happiness
  • Sustained motivation
  • Higher achievement
  • Positivity in the Workplace
  • Passion to Succeed

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