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Engaged Prevention

Our core philosophy is centred on our unique concept of Engaged Prevention® which aims to empower the individual to make positive choices around their own health and wellbeing.

Engaged PreventionEngaged Prevention® is predicated on eight key steps that if followed, will deliver an effective and measurable wellbeing programme. This maximises the potential to improve the health and wellbeing of the individual by identifying their need and marrying it up to an appropriate intervention, whilst seeking to support the individual through to a positive, measurable outcome. 

In essence it is the engagement that facilitates the opportunity to identify the required referral pathway to the intervention, which in turn enhances the probability of preventing a more serious health condition from occuring.



BRAND - Identify a credible brand for the programme.

COMMUNICATE - Effective communication is an essential element of asuccessful wellbeing programme.

ENGAGE - Deliver a coherent engagement strategy that reaches the whole target audience.

EMPOWER - At the point of engagement ensure that there is an opportunity for the individual to take positive actions.

REFER - Create effective referral pathways for the individual to the required support/interventions.

INTERVENTION - Ensure that the intervention is validated and appropriate to the individual.

SUPPORT - Offer an ongoing support programme for the individual, enabling a greater success ratio and traceable outcomes.

OUTCOME - Measure outcomes at each step of the process from engagement metrics to referral pathways and intervention results.

Engaged Prevention

Engaged Prevention

Engaged Prevention

Engaged Prevention

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