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Corporate Wellbeing

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Corporate wellbeing refers to the overall health of the working population and is considered a vital investment for forward thinking businesses. According to a comprehensive study by the Department of Business, Innovation and Skills, improvement in corporate wellbeing results in greater workplace performance, including financial and labour productivity.

With 60% of our waking hours spent at work, it is our belief that to attract and retain the best people, organisations must consider all aspects of corporate wellbeing. Wellbeing People specialise in nutrition, physical and mental health - this enables us to equip your organisation with fundamental support and advice on how to maximise your employee output through improved corporate wellbeing.

Investing in corporate wellbeing can decrease sickness absenteeism, improve overall staff focus, motivation and productivity. Wellbeing People cater for many aspects of corporate wellbeing - using our innovative key product, we can deliver health checks via our Interactive Health Kiosk. This provides a confidential summary report of your employees’ Health MOTs; measuring Weight, Body Mass Index, Body Fat Content, Heart Rate, Blood Pressure, Hydration and Life Balance. 

Why not check your general health and wellbeing with a Health MOT? Improve your lifestyle, maintain fitness and feel healthier!

Using this information, it is our goal to optimise your employees’ performance by signposting actions to reform health and wellbeing. We provide interactive workshops involving tailored support to meet the individual’s needs, covering a range of subjects designed to inspire, energise and educate groups of any size. Wellbeing People can enhance your organisations overall corporate wellbeing; with sessions focusing on topics such as stress and resilience training, health, and hydration.

Additionally, employee support programmes can also be initiated providing organisations with low cost, high value benefits to integrate health and wellbeing solutions, supporting employees to manage the challenges of daily life whether it be home or work related.

Corporate Wellbeing Activities

Some of our most popular Corporate Wellbeing activities include:


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What Next?

We’re constantly searching for new innovative ways to incorporate wellbeing into everyday life, take a look at our blog posts or give us a call and see how you can too!