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Cholesterol & Blood Glucose Testing

Being aware of Cholesterol and Blood Glucose levels can be one of the first steps to improving and maintaining a healthy heart and body, yet research reveals that eight out of ten people in the UK don’t know their cholesterol levels, in comparison to the USA where the majority of adults ‘know their numbers’.

What is Blood Glucose? 

Glucose is the body's main source of energy.  When we eat carbohydrates, such as sugar (or sucrose), your body usually produces glucose during the digestion of such foods and a hormone called insulin takes the glucose from your blood and helps it to enter your cells where it is used.  As the insulin takes the glucose to the cells, your blood glucose level reduces.  Diabetes is a condition that leads to excess glucose (sugar) in your blood, it develops when your body doesn't produce enough insulin, which leads to the level of glucose in your blood becoming too high.   People with diabetes need to be especially careful to maintain steady blood glucose levels, but those without diabetes can reduce their risk of developing diabetes by controlling their weight by being more active and having a healthy diet.

cholesterol and blood testing

What is Cholesterol?

Cholesterol is a waxy, fat-like substance that is essential for the body in small amounts. It plays a vital role in how every cell works and is also the material which the body uses to make other vital chemicals, including hormones.

It is made in the body by the liver and is also obtained from diet. Dietary Cholesterol is found in foods such as eggs, liver and kidneys and seafood such as prawns. In the past, it was thought that people should limit these foods to maintain healthy cholesterol levels, but it is now known that saturated fat intake is much more influential in raising blood cholesterol.


Onsite testing

  • eInvites and posters
  • Online booking system
  • Trained Health Coach
  • All medical supplies and disposal
  • Results and information sheets
  • Anonymised management reporting

cholesterol and blood testing

Health Screening Day (onsite testing)

Wellbeing People will help you to organise your Health Screening Day from start to finish; eInvites, posters and an online booking system help to make employees aware of the health screening day and they will be able to book a suitable time online to be tested.  The onsite Cholesterol and Blood Glucose test takes just five minutes and is delivered by one of our trained Health Coaches.  Employees are provided with a results sheet which is discussed and simple guidance is given.

  • Early awareness of health problems
  • Takes just five minutes
  • Simple finger prick procedure
  • Results immediately analysed
  • Anonymised management reporting


We work closely with organisations to ensure the journey from initial engagement to final outcome, maximises the potential to improve the health and wellbeing of the individual, by identifying need and marrying it up to an appropriate intervention, whilst seeking to support the individual through to a positive measurable outcome.