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Boomerang Life Balance

Boomerang Life Balance

The Boomerang Life Balance questionnaire is a simple way of analysing a wide spectrum of wellbeing areas in a fast, fun and engaging process. Available on the interactive health kiosk, via iPad or paper version, Boomerang is accessible to all and provides wellbeing analysis at group level and individually. In short, Boomerang is about the things you can’t throw away. It is essential that we recognise the effects of mental and physical health and put measures in place to support positive wellbeing choices.

By using the Boomerang Life Balance within your company it will enable time to be tailored around each individual’s needs to help boost employee health and wellbeing.  It teaches employees to balance and juggle their workloads in order to reduce stress. This will have a positive effect upon employees boosting productivity, satisfaction, and employee health and wellbeing.


Quick, Simple and Fun...

Ten categories of lifestyle questions are completed and scored and a wellbeing web is created, providing an easy visual way of analysing the ten categories. The wellbeing web is sent to individuals via email and from the results, individuals are signposted to local, national and in house wellbeing initiatives.



When Boomerang has been completed, the aggregated results are collated. The findings are then
presented in a comprehensive, confidential report and analysed with you by a member of the Wellbeing People Team. The results from Boomerang aid the understanding of wellbeing and identify where best to appropriate time, effort and budget to gain the maximum value from future initiatives. Specific bespoke signposting can be requested by a client in consultation with the Wellbeing People Team.



  • Wide Spectrum of Wellbeing
  • Quick and Easy
  • Fun and Engaging
  • Bespoke Signposting 
  • Aggregated Management Reporting


Wellbeing Web

The wellbeing web is a depiction of the Boomerang results and allows individuals to view a snapshot of their life balance.

Boomerang life balance

What Next?

We’re constantly searching for new innovative ways to incorporate wellbeing into everyday life, take a look at our blog posts or give us a call and see how you can too by taking part in our Health MOT!