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Wellbeing Education

Our education programmes are specifically designed to engage children of all ages. We support their regular learning practices with additional workshops, resource packs and fun activities to promote the latest health messages as set out by the relevant governing bodies and institutions.

Wellbeing People education workshops are tailored around the learning outcomes of the European Food Framework and also linked to the National Curriculum, focusing on key nutrients and power foods for maximum energy.

A number of our sessions can also be tailored to be presented to parent groups or families, providing simple lifestyle changes that can have long lasting positive effects. They include interactive games, tasting challenges and cooking skills to ensure that everyone is included.

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Theatre Based Learning removes us from our ‘everyday’ and transports us to a place guided by the actors we are watching. While confronting and challenging us to imagine a new world, our minds are open to new thoughts and information.

Few other platforms provide such a rich environment for conscious and unconscious learning; in our experience, this form of engagement is one of our most powerful tools in delivering important wellbeing messages.

We run exciting, affordable, unique and varied programmes for all ages and settings. Our professional staff have many years of experience and respond to the individual requirements of each group.

The ‘We Love Water’ education package engages children and adults to learn about the importance of hydration. Our interactive theatre based workshops, delivered by actors from the Hazlitt Arts Centre, are supported by activity sheets, pee charts, water bottles and hydration solutions.

Each session is developed specifically for each Key Stage and is designed to teach children and young people to adopt hydration as a life skill at home and at school. The sessions can also be adapted to include subject matter around healthy eating, numeracy and literacy. Professor Brain takes us all on a journey around the body to meet his pals Henry Heart, Malcolm Muscle, Sergeant Skin and Captain Enzyme!

‘We Love Food' is a fun, creative and interactive programme on healthy eating, food and nutrients for ages 3 and up! The workshops are tailored to specific age ranges, based on the learning outcomes of the European Food Framework and linked to the National Curriculum. All of the accompanying resources are designed to ensure that up to date and consistent health messages are delivered.

Delivered by a trained nutritional therapist, We Love Food brings together expert knowledge and information, guiding individuals to learn about the five food groups, planning meals and nutritional labels. The workshops will focus on brain foods for learning, the key nutrients for healthy skin and power foods for maximum energy.

What Next?

We’re constantly searching for new innovative ways to incorporate wellbeing into everyday life, take a look at our blog posts or give us a call and see how you can too!