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Eddie and Friends Series 1

Early Years 3 to 5 year olds

Eddie and Friends is a series of animated films written and created for Early Years; designed to engage around hydration and nutrition, while developing numeracy and literacy skills as well as the latest animated film, Normalising Disability.  The films are aimed at 3 to 5 year old preschool children.

It is our mission to serve up education and information with a huge side dish of fun and entertainment, making the process uniquely memorable; keeping messages fresh in the minds of the children for life.

Eddie and Friends Series 1

The series is based around the main character ‘Eddie’ (an elephant) and his adventures at Multicolour Cottage. Visitors to the cottage learn about the importance of drinking water, eating healthy food and looking after their bodies.  The new character Tammi the Tortoise is in a wheelchair and helps children learn that being disabled shouldn't be a barrier to living and leading a full and happy life.  Normalising Disability has been backed by Baroness Tanni Grey-Thomson DBE and is endorsed by Steve Brown, GB Paralympian Rugby Athlete.

The films are interactive, inviting the audience to join in, making learning fun and engaging.

DVD and Resource Pack

 Wellbeing Education


The films are accompanied by a resource pack put together by Wellbeing and Education Specialists, designed to fully support the presentation of the films.   A set of activity sheets are included for each subject addressed in each film as well as an online interactive portal.  Eddie is reintroduced and key messages explained to ensure the ‘stories’ are remembered and best of all, are fun! 

  • Worksheets
  • Lesson Planning Aid
  • Parent & Teacher Guides
  • Stickers
  • Topic Information
  • Online Portal


View the Trailer for Episode One 'Wellbeing'



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How the project started...

Back in April 2009, our research identified that hydration of Pre-school age children plays a crucial role in reducing the likelihood of obesity in later years* as well as enhancing concentration, changing behaviours and reducing fatigue and headaches.  However, although there were specific legal requirements by OFSTED for fresh drinking water to be available at all times, a huge challenge for Pre-school groups was and still is, the provision of this - in facilities that are often used for a number of other purposes, such as village halls, community centres, etc.  

Tackling this challenge was an exciting new initiative that echoed the efforts of Jamie Oliver’s School Dinners campaign, focusing on hydration in Pre-school groups.  And so Wellbeing People’s ‘We love Water’ initiative was born.

Working with Kent based theatre, Hazlitt Arts Centre, local Early Years groups and Kent County Council Children’s Services Partnership, the development of interactive learning sessions came about and the character ‘Eddie the Elephant’ emerged.

Eddie the Elephant

Eddie, a loveable cuddly elephant (life-size!) educated groups of Pre-school children about the importance of hydration and healthy eating.  Working with the theme of ‘an elephant never forgets’, our friend Eddie needed the help of his young crowd to help him remember to drink water and eat healthily.

It was clear from an early stage that the life-size Eddie - an actor dressed in a costume, was both cumbersome and occasionally a little scary to some! Eddie quickly resized, and became a hand puppet controlled by the same actors. 

The story worked and the children loved him, talking about him for weeks and making the connection with drinking more water straight away.

As part of the ‘We Love Water’ Pilot  Project, every participating Pre-school was also given drinking water bottles for each child, wee charts to help the children understand about their adequate hydration and stickers - providing a visible means of monitoring the water intake and a motivation for drinking the water. 

The research and feedback

Almost all the pre-schools began to see the benefits – both in terms of children’s behaviour and the convenience of the water bottles for the children accessing drinking water. An amazing 73% saw positive effects on the children, particularly with many of them drinking more water as a result of the project. 

Practitioners told us the children enjoyed having their own water, giving them independence and responsibility for their bottle. Parents have also noticed children using their bottles to drink more, illustrating positive changes at home as well as in the Pre-school groups.

The programme also offered support to the Practitioners running the Pre-school group by providing education packs for the staff. 71% of practitioners described the education packs as good, with a further 16% finding them excellent. 

Eddie and Friends Series 1

So with the success of the pilot project behind us and with more dedicated research, Eddie is now an animated character with many friends that are introduced in the films.   Eddie and Friends DVD and Resource Pack forms part of an education pack for both children and staff. Reflecting the success of the pilot project, the resource pack includes three episodes, access to the online portal with interactive activities and games; worksheets, stickers, wee charts for the toilets and information guides for staff.


*Beverage Intake Amount Pre-school Children and Its Effect on Weight Status, Paediatrics, 2006,118, e1010-e1018