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Edgar's Water

employee health and wellbeingPrevention, health and wellbeing is at the very core of all that we do at Wellbeing People. Adequate Hydration plays a vital role in an individual’s health and wellbeing; dehydration has a serious effect in both the long and short term.

Edgar’s Water is part of the same group as Wellbeing People and is one of the largest independent suppliers of water coolers and bottled water in England, supplying first class hydration solutions for homes, schools and organisations across the UK.

Whatever your requirements, Edgar’s Water can provide the perfect bottled water cooler or boiler for in cup hot beverages for you. 

Their extensive range of water cooler products is ideal for offices, schools, universities, homes and sports facilities, include bottled water coolers, mains fed water coolers, free standing and table top water coolers, water fountains and instant water boilers for in cup hot beverages.

Both their bottled water coolers and mains fed water coolers have dispenser taps that can provide several combinations of drinking water - dispensing either just cold, hot and cold or ambient (room temperature) and cold taps.

They also supply glass bottled water, 500ml bottled water, consumables and cups and cones for all water coolers and water boilers.

employee health and wellbeing

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