Thinking about planning a health & wellbeing event?
See how Wellbeing People can help you plan the perfect event.

Things To Consider Before Planning A Wellbeing Event

Let Wellbeing People help you plan the perfect health fair event!

Our expert team are always available to help you build a bespoke health fair event that perfectly suits your company or organisation. However, before you call us you may wish to consider the following...

  • Start planning your health event 4-6 months prior to the day
  • Pick a suitable date, think about holiday seasons, distribution team, shift workers etc in order to maximise staff attendance
  • Establish your goals and objectives 
  • The type of event you are looking to hold i.e. health screenings, engagement through physical activity, mental health awareness, workshops etc
  • You may wish to have a theme for your event which can help with the promotion of your health event.. for example you could tie it in with a National Awareness Campaign, such as World Heart Day or Stress Awareness Month 
  • Think about your timescales. Which members of staff are present during the day i.e distribution teams and field salesmen may be out on the road! 
  • How many staff will attend?
  • Your budget
  • Location and accessibility 
  • Promote the idea to leadership and managers well in advance and ensure you have their support. Involving leadership and managers in your planning is vital to encourage staff to participate and engage in the day
  • Maybe suggest a Champion among the senior management team to help promote the event

Choose from the following activities, services and products to make up your own bespoke health fair event:


  • Interactive Health Kiosk - health MOT your staff! The Kiosk measures your vital signs and work life balance! A health MOT only takes 5 minutes and provides the user with valuable information about their health and wellbeing.
  • Blood Glucose and Cholesterol Testing – taking just 5 minutes and an early indicator of some health problems.
  • Carbon Monoxide and Lung Age Testing - the Lung Age and Smokerlyzer® tests take just five minutes providing employees with a results sheet which they can discuss with our trained health coaches and provide simple guidance


  • Smoothie Bike Challenge - Staff compete on 2 static bikes to race to the finish line, great fun and engaging!  Staff are then with refreshed with a delicious smoothie that they have ‘pedalled’ up in the race! 
  • Smoothie Bike - Pedal up a smoothie! Great fun and engaging. A stand alone static bike with smoothie maker attached encourages activity, is great fun and most of all engaging.  
  • iPledge Photo Booth – This is a great engagement tool for staff to make a pledge and have their photo taken at the same time; with props too to make the printout photo with your pledge fun! A great reminder of your day!


  • Cyclo-ssage Beds – give your staff 15 minutes of total relaxation with many different settings to suit the individual and target problem areas such as tension.  
  • On-site massage – A hands on approach, our masseuse will help relieve tension, aches and pains whilst staff relax on the massage chair (fully clothed of course, so no embarrassing moments!)
  • Specialist Treatments - we can also offer a nail bar to treat staff to a mini manicure or a reflexology session which is a non-intrusive health therapy to help ease anxiety, stress, sleeplessness and much more.


  • Workshops – Our interactive workshops cover a range of topics including Mental Health Awareness, Stress Resilience, Nutrition, Relaxation, Happiness, Healthy Lifestyle, Eat Well at Work and much more giving staff the tools and information they need to lead a healthy and happy life.
  • Juice Bar - Enjoy a workshop around cold pressed juices to see how these are made, discuss the benefits and try some delicious fruit and vegetable juices!  A great way for staff to engage, interact, learn and enjoy! 

Staff giveaways..

Prior to the big day...

Having decided what you would like at your Health Fair, you now need to advertise your health fair to all your staff! Promotion and communication are key! Different people respond to different messages; it is important to use as many methods of communication as possible to promote your event. We can do all this for you!  

  • Full briefing to site contact/relevant members of staff/management
  • Promotional material such as posters and flyers
  • e-Invites
  • Supporting information
  • Online booking 

Heart Rate Monitor

Your health fair event day! 

Having established your Health Fair date with all the details and administration in place, our experienced Wellbeing People Team will set up your entire event and manage the whole day. The size of your event as well as what activities and health checks you have decided upon will affect how many staff from Wellbeing People will be there to set up and run your day.

With their expert knowledge and skills, the Wellbeing People team will engage your employees with the various activities throughout the day. Once the event is finished, our team will break down and clear away, leaving you to enjoy the benefits of the health fair.

Your expectations after your health fair event...

  • Aggregated Anonymous Reports after the event to help you understand the key areas to target for future support
  • Staff awareness with a healthier outlook
  • Prevention (is better than cure!)
  • Improved health, wellbeing and morale amongst staff
  • Long term health initiatives 
  • On-going health maintenance programmes 

What Next?

We’re constantly searching for new innovative ways to incorporate wellbeing into everyday life, take a look at our blog posts or give us a call and see how you can too!