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Edgar's Fruit

Wellbeing People recognise that it is not only our physical and emotional wellbeing that needs to be looked after but our intake of fruit and vegetables is essential for our health and wellbeing too!  When so much of our day is spent in our place of work, it is not easy to consume the recommended ‘5-a-day’, so having a delicious variety of fresh fruit available throughout the day helps to meet this requirement as well as providing a nutritious and healthy snack!  

employee health and wellbeing

Edgar’s Fruit belongs to the same group as Wellbeing People and delivers boxes of fruit and vegetables direct to your organisation or school. Our fruit comes direct from market and is hand packed to bring you fruit that is bursting with quality, taste and of utmost freshness! They also offer a range of other products such as delicious dried fruit boxes to sumptuous fruit baskets and gift hampers.

Edgar’s Fruit is now one of the largest independent fruit delivery companies in the UK. Their customers have the opportunity to benefit from the healthy, nutritional boost of fruit, delivered in the same way as Edgar's Water - direct to their workplace or home – and always with a smile.

Fresh fruit promotes wellness and can really lift energy levels. The simple action of having fresh fruit on offer can significantly improve morale and increases the chances of better quality eating as it cuts out the desire for snacking on unhealthy alternatives.

employee health and wellbeing

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